Monday, November 16, 2015

A Warm Welcome to a New Co-Blogger

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You may have seen the first post by my new co-blogger Conservative Chick With a Bone to Pick. She's going to be the smart counterpoint to the drivel I usually write.  She's talented and I know you'll see some excellent content.

Back when I owned my own business, I could write a bunch of posts. Hell, I was the friggin boss, who was gonna stop me, right? But then I wasn't working for myself anymore and couldn't write them and writing on a cell phone five years ago wasn't nearly as easy as it is today...but I digress.

Please welcome her and feel free to comment. I know it will take a while to gain back an audience but if you read this, come back and read again tomorrow...and the next day.

1 comment:

Conservative Chick with a Bone to Pick said...

Thank you Scott, I look forward to co-blogging with you! We have so much to write about...