Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Evening News & Notes

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I finally got back to writing after a year. 140 characters on Twitter and irritating half my friends on Facebook just didn't have the same effect as possibly pissing off a whole bunch of whiny liberals. I've missed a lot of fun shit since I went on hiatus, from the absorb to the sublime, it's been a crazy year. In no particular order, I missed these events or people that were the lifeblood of a blogger:

  • Trump
  • Sally Kohn saying something stupid
  • Obama on, well...just about everything
  • Paul Krugman being Paul Krugman
  • John Boehner being his idiot self then bailing out suddenly
  • Joe Biden being Biden. That dude is insane
  • Seth Rogan being not just a bad actor but an embarrassment to comedy
  • Lindsey Graham actually convincing himself to run for POTUS. 
  • Scott Walker actually convincing himself to quit
  • Putin eating Obama's lunch, smacking the hell out his dog and pretty much running around Europe and the Mideast because, as Obama called it "a position of weakness". Yeah, that one was comical. 
  • Sally Kohn saying something stupid
  • Charlie Hebdo and the media's reaction to their own being murdered be Islamofascists
  • The media just being the media. They were more biased this year than in any single year I can remember and I follow this shit religiously
  • The left agreeing with the Pope and thinking he was on their side
  • The Pope meeting with a woman who the left absolutely hates after they parsed the Pope
  • Planned Parenthood and selling baby parts for profit
  • On and on and on. 
It's great to be back. 

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