Thursday, November 26, 2015

Trump Is Going To Win

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The Republican National Committee is apoplectic right now. Donald Trump currently leads the polls in every state and nationally.

When Trump first announced he was running, the RNC looked at him as a novelty who stood no chance of winning. Then he started getting some momentum and they started paying a little more attention. While Trump gained in the polls, traditional GOP candidates like Christie, Kasich, Jindal and Rubio languished in single digits. How could this be? The guy is not even a Republican they exclaimed. He can't say the things he's saying they lamented. He'll say something so over the top he'll knock himself out of the race they snickered.

And still, only a few months before the first votes are cast Trump is dominating the race. He's packing them in in South Carolina, Alabama, Iowa and other locales. People like what Trump is saying and have relegated any concerns with how he says it to the back of their minds.

How did we get to this point?

First, Trump appeals to people who have had enough of the PC bullshit. You can only call a person a racist, homophobic, xenophobic bigot so many times before they just don't take it anymore. People who are not any of those things take umbrage to being called those words simply because they disagree with the sitting president. They see the real cost of unchecked illegal immigration and feel that they have no power anymore. They see that America is still great but we have a president who doesn't believe it and takes every opportunity to bash this great nation. They see the race relations at the worst point they've been in 50 years and see college students whining about free this and free that while they get up and get their asses to work everyday. They see a president who has all but checked out. He's allowed others to lead and it's led us to the point where Americans are praising an ex-KGB old-school Soviet because of the void left by Obama. Trump is striking a nerve and people are responding.

As for the RNC, this is the worst nightmare they could imagine. With all other candidates, they could easily control them with money and the RNC machine. "Fine, you don't want to temper your stance Gov. Christie, we will withhold funds for TV ads and spread stories that can hurt you through the media" But they can't do that with Trump, he doesn't need them or their money. He can say exactly what he wants without impunity and that is the second reason why Trump is winning. He's not a politician, doesn't sound like a politician and seems to hate politicians. You want to change Washington DC, send in a man like Trump. The American people see the dysfunction and stagnation and want something--anything to get us moving forward again.

Finally, the GOP is pissed. Give us the House and we will will stop Obama and his trampling of the Constitution. So we gave them the House and they elected Boehner to lead. We got nothing except daily tears and more spending. Next they said, we can't do it with just the House, we need the Senate then we can really stop the Obama juggernaut. So we voted them in and won the Senate and they elected Mitch McConnell as leader. We got nothing except agreement with Obama on major issues and whining that they donut have 60 votes and can't get anything through. Now they want the Oval Office and the American people are saying "fool me once..."

The GOP as a whole and RNC in particular see a weak candidate on the Democratic side and know that they can gain power once again.  Except that damn plutocrat with bad hair and a hot wife keeps messing up their plan. Hell, at this point they'd even support the hated senator from Texas, Ted Cruz if it meant Trump was out.

It's so bad that the RNC and other Republicans are actively working against Trump even trying to get him off the ballot in some states. They want to change leadership in DC but don't want to change DC. They want to control the money and control the favors while keeping the trough open. Lobbyists have families to feed, you know.

Anyway, here's to Trump shaking things up. Was he my preferred candidate? No. Does he say some things that make me cringe and has he said things in the past that make me question his ideology? Yes. Would he make our nation great again as he says? Again, yes I believe he would. Can he win and become president? Yes, I believe he can. Face it folks, Trump is going to win and chances are he'll beat Hillary unless something drastic happens. In public, many people will say that Trump is horrible, etc. But when they get behind the curtain in the voting booth, they'll hit the button for The Donald. I'd be very wary of the polls because of this. I think Trump is actually at nearly 50% but people won't admit they like him for fear of backlash.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This Is What a Lack of American Leadership Looks Like

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There's been a few times over the last half century that America has failed in her role of leadership. Every time it happened it was with a Democrat. Think of the leadership they once believed in; FDR defeating Naziism and imperial Japan, Truman dropping the bomb to save the lives of a million and JFK going eyeball to eyeball with Kruschev over Cuba. but then we were, unfortunately stuck with Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Carter meant well but was way out of his league. He was an old school Democrat but lacked the steely spine of Truman or FDR. He wasn't the liberals we see today but a paleo-liberal who fully believed in the cause. He was the first American president to not believe America was a force for good in the world and believed we should make amends for all the perceived wrongs we had perpetrated. The Russians sensed weakness and they made huge gains during his (thankfully) only term. The Mideast also sensed his weakness as was made extremely evident when they took Americans hostage in Tehran. His response was feckless in a part of the world where the only thing understood was power. We paid for it in his ineffective and damaging leadership of the military that resulted in death, destruction and embarrassment in the Iranian desert. then we got Reagan and the end of the Soviet Union...

Along came Bill Clinton who faced a different enemy but one in which Carter would understand; militant Islam. They attacked the USS Cole and the embassies in Tanzania and Kenya and we did nothing. Osama bin-Laden said he was at war with America and we sent a couple missiles into an empty tent. We had him dead to rights and he and Sandy Burger wavered. They got bolder with every single attack and it resulted in 9-11.

And now we have Obama. He's a liberal of a completely different ilk. His upbringing was anti-American, anti-war propaganda and he wants nothing less than a complete obliteration of America as it was. He pulled the troops from Iraq without even a thought of the consequences--no soldiers remained to train, execute missions in the best interest of the fledgling democracy and more importantly no deterrent to what group rose out of the ashes. Worse than that, he became completely disinterested in what his actions led to. He ran around touting the fact that bin-Laden was dead and al-Qaeda was on the run. But he didn't listen when his intel folks said that something even worse than al-Qaeda split off from the mother organization. What he labeled the JV team was actually growing into the worst terror organization in the world in the void he left. He threatened Assad but had zero plans on acting if the lines were crossed and emboldened ISIS to not only move into Iraq but take territory numerous Americans died to win.

Obama tried to act tough by ordering an air war that took no risks. He used drones to take out leadership that were quickly replaced but allowed him to say he was "doing something". He left a leadership opening that was essentially an invitation to Russia to join the fight and prop up the guy we pledged to take out. Amazingly, while ISIS was beheading journalists, selling children into sexual slavery and murdering homosexuals and Christians Obama opted to sit on the sidelines and do nothing. Putin knew as soon as Obama didn't act against Assad the first, second and eighth time he crossed the red line, he didn't have the heart to act at all. So he moved in and now is not only protecting the man we threatened but taking out his opposition.

Which leads us to today. Putin has been entering sovereign airspace throughout the world and testing our resolve. From Sweden and Norway to England and the US, he's probed and pricked at us and we did nothing. He started doing it into Turkey and was warned by the Turks but not by us. And now, we have a Russian jet shot down and the pilots shot while parachuting to land. The helo sent to rescue them was then shot down by insurgent groups. Putting myself in Mad Vlad's shoes, I'd be pissed. Not only would I be pissed but I'd be pissed at Turkey--a NATO ally of the US and one we are required by treaty to defend. And as an American, an ally who has been anything but. They would not allow us to attack Iraq from the north during the invasion of Iraq in 1993 and have been flying sorties that are aimed at their enemies not NATO's enemies. Their endgame is to take out the Kurds who are their enemy eternal and our ally.

So now they've attacked Russia in what may or not be a Russian provocation. The Russians can't not respond and we are in the middle. So now we have the Russians fighting the Free Syrian Army, al-Qaeda (Nusra), ISIS, the Chechens, and the myriad other enemies of Assad, whom they are protecting. We have the US fighting ISIS and the Syrian Army whom are loyal to Assad. The Turks are fighting the Russians and the Kurds while pledging they are helping against ISIS and finally we have ISIS fighting the US, Russia, Turks, Iraqi's, Assad and now al-Qaeda while establishing an enormous base of operations.

And all of this is because the US ceded our role as leaders. Did we have to continue fighting in Iraq? No, but we did have to continue to make those in Iraq believe that we would. When we allowed Assad to use chemical weapons and give us the finger while not responding, we opened up the door to what we have today.

The damage done by Obama will take decades to fix.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Night News & Notes

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Hope y'all had a good weekend. I sure as hell didn't the way the Eagles played. They got smoked by the Bucs. Oh well, at least we only have to work three days this week.

Anyway, here's what's happening in this crazy ass world:

-The self awareness of politicians is amazing to me. Hillary actually put out this tweet:

And of course she was reminded immediately of Juanita Broaddrick and the others whom accused her husband of sexually assaulting them while Hillary worked to not only believe them but smear them mercilessly.

-The White House wants Americans to discuss gun control during Thanksgiving dinner. I think we will: How to control it from the prone position, the standing Weaver stance and while on the run. Controlling ones gun in those situations is critical.

-Dems are asking Obama to curb gun violence through executive orders. Quiz time! Do they mean going house to house in urban neighborhoods and confiscating weapons of those who are the primary cause for the high statistics or will they go after law-abiding gun owners? That question was 100% rhetorical.

-It's fashionable to hate Jews again, evidently. Why is it always the socialists? The National Socialists, colleges and others.

-Reason #456,098 we will lose the War on Terror. I don't hate these college students, I feel for them because they were raised by parents who are even more fucked up than they are.

-And finally; Vox is a liberal website that features the stellar lineup of Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias (yeah, no one else knows them either). It seems like every year, they or one of their liberal brethren (micro aggression alert!) come up with some story about how to talk politics at their Thanksgiving dinner. It's always inane and in my opinion is just lazy journalism but that's the standard at Vox so....

Anyway, read the tweets from these liberals at the site. They are just the most depressed and emotionally stunted people on the planet. They have no sense of humor and to be honest, are the exact people you don;t want at your house on Thanksgiving. They hate everything and are the people that will say the turkey was too dry or you lack sufficient gluten free choices.

Listen assholes, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you, joke around with family (even non-PC jokes), eat way too much, drink too much and watch football. If any of you fuckers come to my house and act like, well, liberals I'll kindly kick your ass out. Lighten up, you people need to get a life.

Obama Admin Skewed Intel to Make ISIS Seem Less Potent

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This is the latest in the series If Republicans Did This They'd Be In Jail. 

I'm sure most of you recall that Democrats and the media (redundant, I know) were all over W. Bush after 9/11 for an ambiguous briefing about Osama bin-Laden and his plans to attack the US that was briefed to the former president just prior to the WTC attacks. HE KNEW! they screamed and were adamant that he was going to suffer for this catastrophic failure in intel gathering. They seemed extremely worked up that the president hadn't acted in time to stop the plot.

Fast forward to today and the administration of Obama. As of 2014, Obama missed half of his daily briefings, which are a rundown of events throughout the world and the potential effect on the US. They are easily the most important part of the presidents day...or were until now. Perhaps this is why he called ISIS the "jayvee team" not so long ago--but I digress. The PDB is critical in the decision making process for any president and Obama flat out ignored a large part of them.

Now we may know why; he was fudging the intel to make ISIS seem less aggressive and successful:

At issue is whether analysts at Central Command, which oversees U.S. Department of Defenseoperations in the Middle East, altered assessments of the campaign against ISIS to make it appear as though the United States and Western partners were making more progress than they really were, at least according to claims from a whistleblower assigned to Centcom.The inquiry, which started in September, has grown to include congressional investigations, including the House Intelligence and Armed Services committees. The chairmen of both committees are also forming a task force in the "near future" to investigate allegations of intelligence manipulation, aides with both panels confirmed.
As a vet and a guy with a bunch of ex-military and active duty friends, I find it extremely hard to believe that the military took it upon themselves to skew intel lowering the threat of ISIS. The military may sometimes indulge intel to make a threat seem greater so they can get more funding, training and weaponry. They never, ever would knowingly make the threat seem less than it is. That means they were forced to do so or are the scapegoats for Obama. I'm inclined to believe the latter but the former is possible because the senior leadership in the military is immensely more political than even 8 years ago. But no, I'm pretty sure it was Obama through Valerie Jarrett or his staff who tamped down the information that would make their boss look bad. If the intel showed massive gains by ISIS, Obama would have to act and he does not want to act. To act would mean he would have to make a decision and take action and the former "Senator Present" hates to make decisions that protect America.

This is not shocking nor is it surprising but it sure will be interesting to see just how this shakes out. Obama threw the military under the bus and other low level staffers but if there's any proof of it being someone higher up, the public will be out for a senior scalp. Unfortunately it will not be Obama since the bucks stops anywhere but on his desk.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why Do We Ignore Pedophilia in Afghanistan?

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One of the dirty secrets the media will never cover is the horrific tradition of Afghani's--especially the Pashtun--sexually abusing little boys. Here's some background:

For centuries, Afghan men have taken boys, roughly 9 to 15 years old, as lovers. Some research suggests that half the Pashtun tribal members in Kandahar and other southern towns are bacha baz, the term for an older man with a boy lover. Literally it means "boy player." The men like to boast about it. "Having a boy has become a custom for us," Enayatullah, a 42-year-old in Baghlan province, told a Reuters reporter. "Whoever wants to show off should have a boy." 
...In Kandahar, population about 500,000, and other towns, dance parties are a popular, often weekly, pastime. Young boys dress up as girls, wearing makeup and bells on their feet, and dance for a dozen or more leering middle-aged men who throw money at them and then take them home. A recent State Department report called "dancing boys" a "widespread, culturally sanctioned form of male rape." 
...Sociologists and anthropologists say the problem results from perverse interpretation of Islamic law. Women are simply unapproachable. Afghan men cannot talk to an unrelated woman until after proposing marriage. Before then, they can't even look at a woman, except perhaps her feet. Otherwise she is covered, head to ankle."How can you fall in love if you can't see her face," 29-year-old Mohammed Daud told reporters. "We can see the boys, so we can tell which are beautiful."
Excuse me while I puke.

One US Special Forces soldier had seen enough and decided that he had seen enough of this vile practice and took matters into his own hands. It didn't end well for him because the Army brass is thoroughly neutered:

Martland had faced internal reprimand dating back to a September 2011 encounter, involving him and team leader Capt. Daniel Quinn, and local police commander Abdul Rahman in Kunduz Province. 
According to accounts from both Martland and Quinn, an interpreter came to them saying a boy claimed he was "tied to a post in Rahman's house and was raped repeatedly” for days. The two confronted the commander, who apparently confessed but “laughed it off.” 
They roughed him up. According to Martland, Quinn “picked him up and threw him” while Martland body-slammed him. But according to them, the commander was never knocked out and ran away from the camp.
I give Rep. Duncan Hunter credit for keeping after this, he's an great supporter of vets. watch the video of the interview with Hunter at the link.

Martland did what any moral American would do when seeing a child raped. The DoD is disgraceful in their pursuit and discharge of this hero.

How can we maintain the integrity of our military when elite soldiers are reprimanded and punished simply because they did what should be done by every single person within the military? Screw the politics of the situation and keep it off base. Or better yet, do not let any Afghans within the confines of our bases. There's been numerous cases of them turning on our men and women and killing them, why not use the child rape as an excuse to ban them from bases? Because the Army and other branches are politicized by the most political president in our history and do not have the guts to say enough.

here's to hoping Martland get re-instated.

(Note: I'm having some issues with block quotes, sorry for the inconvenience)

I no longer have tolerance for Liberals, do you?

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I have come to the conclusion that I cannot tolerate Liberals any longer.  They go through life without a clue about why or what they stand for.  They just blindly follow and believe the media and politicians on the left like its a cult.  An example of this is supporting bringing refugees to our country without vetting them.  Most Middle Eastern countries are refusing to admit them, so this leaves Europe and The United States to be humanitarian and accept them to our communities.  Liberals cry that conservatives are Un-American for not wanting to just accept them, that we have no sympathy and are terrible people.  Do they even know what the teachings of Islam are?  Do the feminists know that women are treated as 2nd class citizens, they are brutalized, raped, not allowed to get educated or work in most cases. Have to cover their bodies and faces. They are commonly used as sex slaves and young girls are required to marry men, do these liberal women realize what they are supporting?  They believe there is a war on women here, equal pay and women's rights with regards to "women's health", abortion!  Could you imagine if they actually did some research and learned what these men, who they believe we should just admit to our country, would be bringing into our communities?  They would be horrified and outraged!
The gay community supports them as well, in Islam being gay is an abomination, they support killing gays for just being gay, could you imagine the outrage?  They put a bakery out of business for not baking a gay wedding cake for crying out loud!  Yet they support people who, based on their religious beliefs , find it acceptable to kill gays.

This is just one of a plethora of reasons that I believe makes liberals hypocritical and ignorant.  Each week I think I will focus on another reason why I find I cannot tolerate them any longer.  Check back in to see the next topic.  If you have a suggestion, please feel free to leave a comment.  Also, please like my Facebook page:

Friday, November 20, 2015

Why We Will Never Win The War On Terror

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So a Muslim student named Faisal Mohammed went to his school--UC Merced--and started stabbing people. The subsequent investigation found an ISIS flag and numerous other pieces of evidence the guy was radicalized:

Mohammad, a freshman studying computer science at UC Merced, was found to have a printout image of the Islamic State flag alongside a handwritten manifesto with detailed instructions to behead students and multiple reminders to “praise Allah.” Still, investigators have maintained there is no indication that he had any terrorist ties.
Of course there's no connection because this is not an al-Qaeda member sent here to attack, this the new terror. The new terror is radicalizing disaffected Muslims through propaganda and online forums. I guess it's just not that clear to the media and colleges that ISIS posts beheading videos as a recruiting tool.

But that's not the real issue here, the real issue is that UC Merced held a "teach in" to discuss why Mohammed did this crime:
Faculty at the University of California-Merced reportedly held a “teach-in” Monday night to help students better understand the motives of 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad, who earlier this month wounded four people with a hunting knife before being killed by campus police.
And based on reports, I'm guessing the first person to bring up Islam--if anyone did--was booed and shut down immediately. No one wants to believe that "people of color" are capable of this, it has to be something besides religion such as "societal norms", the patriarchy, white privilege or just plain old racism that made this guy snap. It couldn't be watching hours of videos showing ISIS burning pilots, throwing homosexuals off of roofs, killing christians and raping women. no that couldn't be it.

I guess it never occurred to them that the guy really didn't discriminate, he just started slashing. He didn't care whether you were christian, atheist, gay, straight or cis-whatever, you were a target.

I'm beginning to think that the only thing that would make liberals and the media (be I repeat myself) say anything bad about Muslim would be if they attacked abortion clinics.

Here's the flyer advertising the momentous celebration of complete and utter dhimmitude:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Evening News & Notes

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Almost there people! One more day, short week next week and then turkey, football and full blown Christmas insanity.

Here's what's happening:

Shocker! The media backs Obama on accepting Syrian refugees. Remember how the media used to love to call out conservatives who didn't serve in the military by referring to them as "chicken hawks"? How about we refer to those who don't take Syrian men into their homes as just plain hypocrites. I say Nick Kristoff should be the first, Ahmed will enjoy living on the upper west side, it'll make that trek to Times Square so much easier.

No Bernie, FDR's policies did not end the depression, they extended it. WWII ended the recession. revisionist history doesn't look good on you. Perhaps you can expound on his greatest legacy: locking up honest Americans because they looked Japanese.  

Meet my newest hero. represent proudly, bro.

With every other president, their first thought was the safety and security of the citizens who elected them. With Obama it's not even an afterthought. Sharyl Attkison is among the best reporters doing the job today. CBS let her go because she didn't toe the liberal line but she's fair as hell in her reporting. It sure will be interesting to see how Obama reacts if we get hit again like Paris did but it will be even more interesting to see the real Obama emerge when he's out of office.

There's just no way to spin this: A large health insurance company is set to bail on Obamacare because it does exactly what every single conservative warned it would do. It's unsustainable but I for one have zero sympathy, they joined up and pushed this bullshit law because they thought they'd make a killing. Instead they lost money. I'm sure your shareholders are thrilled.

Jared Fogle is going away for 15 years for his disgusting crimes. I'm sure he'll do just fine in there, we all know they love child molesters. I'll leave the immature prison rape joke about foot longs out of this.

Trump extends his lead, Rubio and Carson now tied with Carson losing a lot of points. Trump may just win this thing, he's starting to seem inevitable.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

TSA is the Front Line Defense...God Help Us

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Immediately after 9/11, air security suddenly became a much bigger deal than it had been on 9/10. Security screeners worked for contractors and the entire system was a complete mess. The civil service unions smelled money to be made and when the government federalized the screeners, they also made them union. This was supposed to ensure we hired only the highest quality workers to inspect our bags and look at X-ray images of our belongings.

We all know how that turned out. TSA on the screener side became more of an embarrassment than they were previously. They are rude, not exactly the brightest people and generally are not very good at what we taxpayers pay them for but, alas, they are union and Obama's a union supporter and the media loves Obama so we really don't hear the bad stories like we used to. Except after back-to-back terror attacks--one involving ISIS blowing up a Russian plane.

So we have these awesome stories today for our enjoyment. First, someone didn't exactly check out who they were hiring. For the record, these are the type of people who are vetting the Syrians entering the US as we speak and they couldn't match up people looking for a job. :

Anyway, the malfeasance inside the TSA extends throughout the agency, apparently, from line workers, to top brass and even to HR. According to a report released this week, the TSA had 73 "aviation workers" on its payroll who also happened to be on the terror watchlist, something the TSA, in it's extensive screening process, failed to discover.
That. Is. Awesome. I honestly don't blame the intel people or those who are active in the terror fight. They do their jobs quite well actually (how well we'll never know because it's not released), it's the idiots who hire the screeners. Becoming a screener is a patronage job, favors are done and backs are slapped. I mean seriously, look at the screeners the next time you are in an airport, really? Are they the people you actually want protecting you from Ahmed the merry bomber? Honestly, would you hire half the friggin' derelicts that work for TSA as screeners? Well, actually, probably a lot less than half because they have entirely too many people per shift. Fly to the US from Germany, about a quarter of the people who do their jobs exceptionally well...but I digress.

Second, we have this heart warming story of TSA screeners scoring a whopping 25% in a recent test. Glad their working hard at raising that GPA:

TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen and the Rossen Reports team went undercover at several airports across the country to see how well the TSA performed. In three out of four cases, they were able to get banned items past TSA inspection. 
 We are so screwed. All it takes is four or five dedicated people to take down a plane and with the new tricks they've discovered, maybe less. We rely on the screeners to detect threats and not spend the time trying to pick up their fellow screeners. Instead we have a half-assed security service whom is failing miserably.