Friday, December 09, 2016

The Democrats Reap What Harry Sowed

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Back when the GOP was filibustering Obama nominees, the vile Harry Reid went there and invoked the "nuclear option" essentially kneecapping the filibuster. me and many other conservatives said that the Democrats should be very, very careful in their actions since they wouldn't hold power forever and we were laughed at because we were too stupid to realize that Hillary was a shoe in.

And here we are. The GOP owns it all and the very worst fears of the donkeys have come to pass, Trump is the man calling the shots and he's about to seat a cabinet that gives them the vapors. Mattis, Sessions, Flynn and the others are freaking them out--much like we had reservations about many of Obama's picks.

Unfortunately for them but fortunately for the country they can't do a damn thing about it. They crossed the line of the nuclear option and thus cut their own legs out from under them. The filibuster was put in place because of situations like this but they were too impetuous and immature to play by the rules. Just as Obama expanded presidential power to unseen lengths, the Dems are stuck with the bed they made.

And this also applies to the Supreme Court nominee Trump will announce in a couple of months. He can pick anyone and the donks are stuck with it.

I wish I could muster up at least one bad feeling for them but they made the new rules and will have to live with them. I anticipate many tears and strongly worded editorials from the MSM but Trump has made clear they can go screw themselves so as an avid follower of politics, I'll greatly enjoy this show. The only thing that would make it better would be if Harry Reid was still around to have to live this fun.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Do Any Liberals/Democrats Ever Take Responsibility?

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One of the memories I'll always have of the Obama years is that he refused to ever take responsibility for anything. He used the excuse I heard in TV just like you for everything from the IRS scandal to Hillary's emails. Hell, John Stewart called him out on that bullshit excuse. Now I may be wrong here and maybe, in fact, his people did hide things from him but does anyone really believe him when he says stuff like this.

Or how about Obama and Hillary in the wake of the Benghazi attacks that killed four including an ambassador? Neither took responsibility and instead blamed it on a You Tube anti-Islam video that was seen by about twenty people prior to them noting it. They not only arrested the film maker and held him for an extended period of time but also said to the families that this was the cause while standing in front of their flag-draped coffins and sent Susan Rice out to tell the lie on all the Sunday shows. Instead of accepting responsibility and saying we reacted poorly they neglected it and went with an implausible excuse that was never followed up by the media. In fact, they knew it was a terror attack before it even happened.

Just two days ago we have Obama claiming the following:

"We should take great pride in the progress that we've made over the last eight years. That's the bottom line. No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland." --President Obama, remarks at MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Fla., Dec. 6, 2016

I'm guessing the victims of the Orlando night club massacre, San Bernardino, Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon bombing may disagree. 

And now we have another uber-liberal who shirks responsibility. NYC Mayor Bill DiBlasio is claiming that it's Michael Bloomberg's fault that homelessness in NY City is rocketing up. Reality tells us that DiBlasio's horrible policies are 100% blame. Believe me, I'm no supporter of Bloomberg, he's a gun-grabbing liberal as well but at least one who accepted responsibility for things going wrong. 

How we went from Democratic President Harry S. Truman explaining that the buck stopped with him and John Kennedy accepting blame for the failed Bay of Pigs scheme to liberals denying anything that goes wrong on their watch had anything to do with them. Obama was sure as hell happy to claim he got bin-Laden speaking as if he donned tactical gear, night observation devices and shot the terrorist himself but there's no doubt if the op went south he would've blamed the military for everything. 

Hillary and her cronies still blame fake news for her loss even though it was the most poorly run campaign in recent memory. Just as she blamed others for the email fiasco. 

This would be another reason Trump won and an important lesson for those who wish to run. Act like an adult, take responsibility for your actions and move on. You keep your dignity and credibility intact that way. 

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Trump Momentum Keeps Building-Former Enron Advisor Paul Krugman Hardest Hit

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Has there ever been a bigger reaction to a president-elect and his everyday decisions? How about all sectors of the economy reacting so positively? I've never seen it except maybe when Reagan won but I don't remember it that well.

Anyway, more good news comes rolling in today; the Dow passed a new high in 12 sessions since Trump beat Hillary. Let's start with this:

"November's Trump effect still fuels the Dollar with optimism over Donald Trump implementing fiscal stimulus measures reinforcing expectations of an improvement in overall US GDP. A strong rise in inflation from healthy growth could force the Federal Reserve to raise US interest rates aggressively in an effort to prevent the economy from overheating," Lukman Otunuga, research analyst at FXTM, said in a note.

When was the last time you heard about the economy overheating? It sure as hell wasn't any time in the last eight years.

And how about this:

As of Wednesday's close, the Dow has posted gains in 18 of the past 22 sessions and 12 record closes since the election. The S&P and the Nasdaq, meanwhile, have risen 4.8 percent and 3.9 percent since Nov. 8, respectively.

Honestly, this is incredible. 

And what about the asshole with the anti-Midas touch Paul Krugman? This clown was an advisor to Enron and Enron tanked. He won a Nobel in economics but then Obama won one for peace and has invaded more countries than Bush and Cheney. He said on election night that the Markets would tank incredible amounts and has been a huge proponent of Obama's action on economic matters. In short, the guy is always wrong. Here's some more of his predictions in the event you want a good laugh. 

Think about what we are seeing. Trump continues to do everything politicians aren't supposed to do; he takes a call from the president of Taiwan and when China complains he tweets out that he doesn't care. He's choosing those who he wants and giving the finger to anyone who disagrees. He had an excellent moment on the Today show where douchebag Matt Lauer questioned his daily tweeting and Trump essentially said I don't need you Matt and intimated that he reaches more people tweeting than he could on that lame show. The guy is breaking all the rules.

Today he also selected a guy who sued the EPA to lead the EPA. As an aside, I'm in the environmental business and believe in good environmental policy but policy that works with businesses and doesn't stymie them. The EPA has been out of control for a decade and we need a robust discussion on global warming that includes all sides of the issue, Trump signaled he is looking at it the same way. 

This is going to be some ride and one that will change America more than any other in modern times. I don't believe there's been this much discussion of an incoming president in my lifetime and January 20th cannot get here soon enough. 

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Tuesday Night News & Notes

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The CEO of Time-Warner, which owns CNN must either be really thinking and paying attention or is scared that his network has gone off the deep end and it may effect his profits:

"So I thought the real threat to the First Amendment came from the Democrats' side more," Bewkes said. "There's not going to be a serious effort on the Republican side."

The latest from the Religion of Peace (TM). 

If Trump made us truly energy independent, he would not only win another term but would go down as one of the greats. The untapped reserves, if exploited, would create millions of jobs quickly and the ripple effect would take it into the tens of millions. 

The Navy is playing games with the LCS. This ship is a boondoggle of epic proportions and the brass is covering their asses. As Stephen Green notes: "Sending improperly tested ships out to sea gets sailors killed."

Fake Mattis quotes that could be real. 

I remember on election night at around 8:30 EST there was a report that Senator Joe Manchin of the great state of West Virginia would consider switching parties and that's when i knew that the polling was in Trumps favor. Well now it appears Trump could target more than Manchin. The Democrats are in disarray and it's a perfect time to pounce on them and put our collective boots on their throats. 

Reason number 760,789,555 to hate liberals and wish they would just slink back to their safe spaces. 

Monday, December 05, 2016

Monday Meme Dump

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The Democrats Still Don't Get It

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Here we are nearly 3 week out from an historic election and the Democrats still seem baffled as to how they lost. They had (they thought) a brilliant, respected woman with (what they consider) a sparkling resume running against (what they consider) a racist, misogynistic blowhard with no experience. Plus, she was going to continue the excellent policies of the light bringer Obama and every one (except those racist conservatives) loves Obama, right?

Uh, wrong.

Instead of really taking a good hard look at exactly what happened in the election and being introspective, they've blamed voter fraud, fake news, racism, the idiocy of the electorate and every single thing but what the real reason was. Nancy Pelosi says everything is just fine and still lives by the adage that when Democrats win it's because they are brilliant but when they lose the electorate is a bunch of uneducated simpletons.

That's not to say there aren't a few voices in the wilderness that are trying to get the party's attention.

During the election, Secretary Hillary Clinton levied a million arguments for why Trump wasn’t fit for the presidency. He was accused of hating women, gays, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, and overweight beauty queens. He had a bad temperament. He was a Russian spy. He bankrupted contractors. He hadn’t paid taxes since the 1980s. His skin was orange and his hair fake.Since the election, we’ve stuck to the same script. His chief strategist is a white supremacist. His cabinet picks are Islamophobic. His business interests are in conflict with Washington protocol.But guess what? Most voters didn’t – and still don’t – care. In the Rust Belt and rural communities, they have bigger problems to tackle. Idle factories, saw mills, and coal mines. Families falling apart from opioid addiction. Incomes that have less buying power than 40 years ago. Kids living at home because they are swamped with student debt.They’re running out of hope.
Yes they are and Pelosi continues to say the Democrats are the party of the American worker but the American worker doesn't agree. The Democrats changed from the party of the blue collar worker to the party of big banks and globalism. In short, they've become Liberal Republicans. They still don't get it because they get millions from unions so the union vote is in the pocket, right? Uh, no, the union guys defied their locals and national leaders and voted for Trump. It appears to have paid off in the case of Carrier regardless of how much in tax breaks it costs. 

The middle class person also has had enough of feeling helpless when it comes to the culture wars. Yes, they get that gay marriage is now normal and are fine with it but it didn't stop there. It was carried to the point where they actually wanted to allow men access to a woman's bathroom in public places. When the average centrist person said I don't think that is safe for my daughter they were labeled a hater or a homophobe. If they were skeptical on global warming they were labeled a denier, if they spoke out about illegal immigration and the effects it had on our nation they were labeled racists and if they honestly were appalled that we didn't even attempt to rescue those under attack in Benghazi they were told to stop hating on Hillary and stop reading Breitbart when many had no idea what the hell Breitbart is. When they honestly objected to the email scandal they were shouted down and told that everyone did it. When they read about the DNC stealing a nomination they weren't told anything at all, just plain ignored. 

And still they thought that their normal supporters loved Hillary. They scoffed when Trump went into Michigan, New Hampshire and Wisconsin because the people there would never vote against Hillary. They laughed when Trump went into inner cities and talked about school choice to all black crowds. They chuckled when polls showed Trump catching up or even leading. They had no coherent strategy when it finally dawned on them that they could actually lose. 

And Democratic supporters still don't understand. They were told that Hillary had it in the bag from Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN and NPR. How could she lose? And now, instead of reining their party in, they're allowing it to sue for recalls and essentially saying to the voters the system is rigged. 

I'm fine with it actually. If the Dems want to re-elect Nancy Pelosi as speaker, I'm just groovy with it. If they want to elect an anti-Semite to lead the DNC, I'm fine with it. If they want to continue to push back against police while supporting looters, I'm just peachy with that. If they want to block attempts to stop illegal immigration and the influx of refugees, I say let them. But by continuing on as they are, they will have to watch 2-4 conservative supreme court judges be seated, watch as the entire foreign policy of America is reconfigured, watch as Obama's legacy is torn down brick by brick and watch as Trump brings jobs back to America and our nation resumes her rightful place in the world. 

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Liberals Don't Understand the Simple Economics of the Carrier Deal

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Donald Trump said he would work to keep the jobs from Carrier Corp. from leaving Indiana and made it part of his stump speeches. Who can forget this:

Now Trump has done so and employees are jubilant. Those opposing Trump have belittled the plan since it required tax breaks. Here's what the anti-Trumpers will never understand: Yes the cost is $7-million in incentives but the return on investment (ROI) is short and the ultimate benefits far outweigh the initial costs.

Carrier has opted to keep 1,000 jobs in the Indianapolis plant, let's say each job pays $50,000 a year plus benefits so let's take that out to $70,000 per employee. The taxes paid on those salaries and benefits will equal approximately $10,000 each paid to the state, local and federal governments. Plus this is 1,000 more people paying into the nearly insolvent social security fund.

 Let's further look at the buildings these workers will build air conditioners in daily. The property taxes will be paid to the city.

 Let's expand further, the utilities for the building include electric, natural gas and water. The electric needs to be generated and that's a further five people being paid. The natural gas needs to be extracted and piped through several stations to get to the end user, that 10 jobs all down the line. And the water? The local municipal water utility has to pump the water, treat the water and move the water through pipes. Let's say that saves one job.

 But what about ancillary effects: I imagine they have vending machines in the break room of the plants. Let's go low and say that three people stock those vending machines from 3 different companies. And how about the first aid kits, uniforms and cleaners who the company hires. Lets say that is another 3 people. And how about contractors? No plant does all their own work so they may need outside people for welding, motor and tool repair and a company selling them maintenance supplies and equipment. I'll go low again and say that 10 people are utilized for that. And what about transportation to get the product from the factory in Indiana to California. Trucking companies will hire (or keep) drivers who will be dispatched by dispatchers. Let conservatively say that is 3 more people.

 I could go on and on but you see where I'm going. But let's then look at one more aspect of this; all the people named above will buy gas for their cars, drink beer at their local bar, take their families out to dinner, pay property taxes, shop at Home Depot and Walmart, give to charity and simply live their lives. The expanding effect is huge. The $7,000,000 spent now will be looked at as a great investment.

 Finally, every state in the union does the same exact thing to keep businesses local. Liberals act as if this is some sort of bribery and Trump's idea. It's not, he just negotiated better terms than a politician would've. This will prove a successful strategy if implemented the way Trump wants to. He's already working to keep additional jobs in Indiana and elsewhere and if successful he will make good on his promises. Never have we had a president have this kind of effect before even taking office. Companies who got away with shafting employees and had rules allowing them to do so under Obama can no longer expect the same latitude with Trump in office.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday Night Meme Dump

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The Democrats Keep Pelosi and Concede They Really Like Losing

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Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of the Washington insider. When ones thinks of an elitist her face pops into your mind (sorry for the visual). She's smug, not particularly bright when it comes to parliamentary matters and believes she deserves special treatment. The idea of congress being the servant of the American people is completely lost on her.

Funny they said Trump didn't have the temperament but does anyone remember this:

Or this?

While she was the Speaker of the House she lost the House in 2010 and lost really big in 2012 and 2014. They gained 6 seats this years but trail by a large margin in seats. She is part of the problem in Washington and is a prime example of why Trump won. One would think that when you get beat enough times, you make changes, right?

Evidently the Democrats didn't learn a damn thing from this election:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- House Democrats re-elected Nancy Pelosi as their leader Wednesday, ratifying the status quo in a changing Washington despite widespread frustration over the party's direction.That disenchantment manifested itself in 63 lawmakers supporting Pelosi's opponent, Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, in the secret-ballot vote. That was by far the largest defection Pelosi has suffered since she began leading House Democrats in 2002.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. This is insanity in practice by the house Democrats.

I can honestly say, this is my favorite election result in the last three weeks.