Monday, November 16, 2015

The GOP Presidential Race--Nutshell Version Part 1

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So it's been an interesting election cycle so far. We've seen Hillary and a few other white people on the democratic side hide and purposely hold debates when no one but political junkies like me would watch and one GOP debate that has 10 candidates on stage a pre-debate, a debate on CNBC in which the bias was so blatant even the staunchest liberal was taken aback and general circus-like atmosphere.

But focusing on the GOP side, here's my assessment thus far:

Trump: Trump is a showman, he says crazy things but the guy knows how to get the publicity. If any other candidate at any other time said what Trump has said and made the gaffes he's made, they'd have been buried. Instead, he gains points and beats back whomever the surging candidate is that week. He's bombastic, ignorant and is striking a cord with people viscerally. Whether it's border control, Russia, China or the myriad other topics alarming people, he's saying exactly what they think. And every time the media attacks him, he gets stronger--at least on the GOP side. I can't tell you how many people have told me that they kinda, sorta get what Trumps saying and always say it in a whispering voice. If half those people actually get in the privacy of the voting booth and hit that button for him, he wins.

Carson: Ben Carson is a brilliant, accomplished and strange dude. He's on the religious side--which can be overcome but not as easy as in the past--but it's the other stuff. The stories are kind of bizarre. Now don't get me wrong, every single GOP candidate is going to have the media digging in trashcans but Carson's history is not exactly being told by him with conviction. The guy is a brain surgeon who has performed historic operations and he's allowing false stories about West Point to crush him. And finally, the guy is way too soft spoken. It's a detriment and as Trump said "low energy".  Carson may be a very smart man but he's also a boring one.

Cruz: I'm a Ted Cruz guy and have been since he took office. However, Cruz pissed off a lot of the establishment and it's hurting him now. I hate the establishment GOP and believe they are hurting the party is numerous ways but unfortunately they are needed. A leaked word by the RNC here or there to the press and it's on the front page of the NY Times, WaPo and USA Today. Yes, they are liberal fish wraps but they drive the narrative. Cruz also doesn't come across as tough--maybe it's his voice. He's by far the smartest politician in the GOP right now and I'd even go as far as to say the smartest politician on both sides. But if the last 7 years tells you anything it's that smarts means nothing with Americans voting.

I'll cover Fiorina, Rubio, Christie and Paul tomorrow.

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