Sunday, February 10, 2013

When Did America Become a Land of Pussies?

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I was watching a history channel show about the home front during WWII. There was very little of everything because we came together and put all of our resources into beating back national socialism and the rising sun. People didn't bitch and complain, they accepted that it was all for the better and that we would be a stronger nation if we suffered through the war years. I won't even mention the men and women who were in theater and battled the enemy back mile by bloody mile.

How did we go from a nation that could steel its spine for the greater good to a nation of complete pussies?

Just look around you today, you'll see it everywhere: from laws on soft drinks and fattening foods to elimination of dodge ball in gym class, we have taken a nation forged by hard men and women and made it into a latte-sipping, metrosexualized place where the slightest un-PC thing is grounds for a lawsuit.

I'm pretty much the least PC guy I know and still I find myself stopping short of saying what I want to because it would be misconstrued and I'd be labeled a bigot, homophobe, misogynist or other "ist". Example: when I read that Chris Rock said that Obama was the "father of the country", my first thought was written and then erased.

Anyway, we've become a nation that can't even laugh at itself anymore. Racial humor has been around as long as we have and I for one find it humorous when comedians pick on white people. However, I can not, ever do the same when it comes to latinos or blacks. But I digress.

People who are not pussies take the right path even though it's almost always the more difficult one. Pussies take the easy way, all the time. Knock your girlfriend up? Abort the baby or just ignore it. Lose your job because your performance sucked or you just couldn't make it on time? Sue the company and collect unemployment for 100 weeks and when that runs out, sue for disability over some phantom illness. Your kid acts like an asshole and gets his ass kicked because of it? Complain to the school and sue the parents of the kid who whooped your sons ass all over the schoolyard.

The WSJ has a piece today on the "wimpification" of America and notes that Obama would not allow his son to play football if he had one. This is just another example and one that shows we are being led by an administration that personifies the pussification of the US. We have a president that voted "present" on numerous important bills and who didn't have the balls to accept responsibility for the bin-Laden raid until it was over and successful and later allowed four Americans to die in Benghazi while he was out doing something that was evidently more important.

Until we get back the swaggering, bad ass American ethos personified during the Reagan years and post 9/11, we will continue to ebb in the eyes of the world and our enemies are watching us closely to see what direction we are heading.


Anonymous said...

Well written. Very truthful. One thing you missed is all the Gun owners who comply/obey these gun control laws. They are just as bad as the above pussies. I am from NY where the FUAC act was passed. Not a single man should have ever even recognized it. But they don't want to catch a charge. Cry me a river you ******* pussies. I really hope the fema coffins are for those who could have defended, but would rather hand over his weapon and flop his ass on his couch and drink an ice cold beer watching sunday football. Its sad when a whole bunch of rinos trade in their samcolts for samsungs! ******* PATHETIC. Not happening in my household. From upstate NY

Erik Darby said...

The sad thing is, not enough Americans will read this article, much less write a comment. I fully agree, however an article will not bring back the steeled America we once knew. Action my friends, action.

Anonymous said...

Well done. I'm right there with guys ,however, thats not even the worst of it all. Generation 2016 of college and highschool students are already in the system of pussified america. Modern liberalism is turning the future generations of people into mindless human pussified robots. The source of the problem is from within the parents of the future generations. The parents are lazy non-traditional instead of parenting like a true parent, parents want to be friends with their children creating a generation of entitled brats expecting everyone just to give them everything. What our nation needs is required military training before each minor turns 18 to at least have some displine and appreciation for what the men and women of the past sacrified for us.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely right. I'm 26. I thought life was gonna be different. I gotta find a way outta this academia hell hole being a white male. All we talk about is discrimination.

justin peterson said...

We need to get back to the Reagan and post 9-11 ethos? Are you out of your mind? Which led to massive budget deficits, in the case of Reagan, and then to the debacle of Iraq and Afghanistan, in the case of Bush? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Political bullshit. Americans are acting like little girls with pig tails, actually I know little girls with pig tails that could straight wip most mens ass's. Just wait till the enemies see what we have become. Military is somewhere else, national guard too, we gonna throw rice cakes at em if they decide to come on by. Better yet lets get some more counceling and just let them do what they will. Someone give me a hug, that will make it all better. Pick up a charge for suckin my dick. Who gives a rats ass who the presidential puppet is they are just gonna fuck us anyway, thats what they have always done. Can we fix it, only when men pull the toys out of thiere ass's and do manly shit again. Obama go fuck yourself, hilary just go to prison, you gangster bitch. Men wake the fuck up we built this shit not crying bitches. Good luck im stayin as manly as i can scratching my balls, tryin to not catch a charge.

Anonymous said...

"All racist or anti-semitic comments will be deleted" well it was close to being a perfectly sound and well voiced opinion about the pussy nation of america but I guess a little drip of pc poison seeped in, never the less this article is 110% correct and I'm personally sick to death of living in this dainty egg shell covered country where you are forced to value feelings over what this country is supposed to have been built on which is FREEDOM, In conclusion I just want to say fuck pantsuits and fuck obamanation.