Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Morning News & Notes

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Quick hits:

-Senator Menendez is not long for this congress. The fact that the NY Times is in the charge makes me thinks he's not liked all that much.It just gets worse and worse.

-Benghazi will not go away no matter how much the Obamatons wish it would.

-The Pope is stepping down. Perhaps they will look at an American or an African since that's where the church is still strong. I guess popes can't say they are stepping down to spend time with the family.

-I haven't watched the Grammy's in decades but it was on and I took in a few minutes. The takeaway: current music sucks.

-When you think you couldn't possibly get a worse senator than John Kerry, you end up being surprised. At least we still have the esteemed Robert Menendez.

-You know how Obama's "green tech" economy was going to be a savior? Yea, that didn't work out so well and now reality sets in.

-I am savoring the schadenfreude on this one. Obamacare will destroy a lot before it's repealed but i guess affecting the union jobs of government workers is a start.

-I'm going to see U of L play St. Johns at the Yum! Center in Louisville this week. They sure do grow them nice down that way:

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Marc Palmarini said...

there is no way in HECK that Senator is going to leave the Senate while there is a Republican Gov to name his replacement, he could kill babies and not leave