Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Morning News & Notes

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Greetings and happy Sunday morning.

So what's happening in the world?

-According to PolitiFact, they cannot come up with any good fact-checking ideas. may I suggest: Fast and Furious, Leon Pannetta's testimony of Benghazi, Hillary's testimony on the same, the claims made by Obama and Nancy Pelosi concerning Obamacare's costs, drones being used to kill teenage Americans and the media's cover up on what sparked the mass murderer in LA to go crazy. That's just off the top of my head.

-So we can afford the myriad costs associated with Obamacare and the zillion other financial needs of the liberal agenda but can't afford to refuel one of the ships that protects us and our liberties? Obamanomics in a nutshell.

-Reason #243,596 showing that Ron Paul is a raving crackpot. Someone please give him his meds.

-A reasoned essay on the media's response and non-response to the mass-murdering, liberal-loving cop currently in hiding after a rampage. Keep in mind, the guy's manifesto destroyed the police department and the NRA while simultaneously praising Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper and MSNBC so of course the left loves this guy.

-I'm down in Kentucky quite a bit and bourbon is the king since it can only be called bourbon if it comes from the bluegrass state. Maker's Mark is the leader when it comes to sales and (I don't drink hard liquor so I'm going on anecdotal evidence) taste. It appears it's so popular now that the distillers are cutting back the alcohol content to meet demand. This is a bad idea and I were a bourbon drinker, I'd switch immediately.

-Can we survive the next four years without the country splintering? I'm starting to see more and more writing that is pointing toward a fight. I'm in agreement with this Montanan on many of his points. 

-Another Obama nominee with serious financial baggage. Take heart Mr. Lew, Tim Geithner was confirmed and he claimed his taxes were wrong because he did them with Turbo Tax. Oh, the hypocrisy is strong with this one.

-Update: My bro-in-law sends this oldie but goodie:

-Finally, the Flyers are starting to play like they're capable of making the playoffs. Let's keep it up boys:

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