Saturday, June 09, 2012

Saturday Morning News & Notes

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Business kept me from blogging all week but I did see the Chili Peppers at the KFC Yum! Center in beautiful Louisville, KY. They still rock and broke out a Neil Young tune they hadn't played in a month:

In other news:

-Michelle Malkin lays out just why the Blogger Day of Silence happened yesterday. If you support this blog and other new media outlets, it's time to stand up against those who wish us silenced. Please read the back story, it's deeply involved but scary and worth following.

-Don Rickles is 86 and does what Don Rickles always did; take people out of their comfort zones. He made a racist comment about Barack Obama and the world is outraged. I don't recall the outrage when Bill Clinton made a comparable comment in 2008. Whatever, anything I say about Obama between now and November will be racist even when it isn't.

-Did anyone notice that there was a recall election that pitted Big Labor versus a governor trying to curtail their powers and Big Labor got soundly whipped? I didn't either.

-When I served in the Navy, it was generally considered that 300-400 ships were where we needed to be to project power. Romney believes that but Obama sure as hell doesn't. Expect Russia and especially China to keep expanding. Let's take time to remember the good ship USS Schenectady (LST-1185) and her death at the hands of several USAF JDAM's off the Hawaii coast. That old bitch didn't go without a fight:


-The President of Estonia smacks the shit out of chief Keynesian Paul Krugman over Krugman's criticism of Estonia and their government not following the tax and spend line and actually succeeding. I'm sure the famously thin-skinned former Enron advisor and Nobel winner will handle this with class and dignity.

-Liberals like voter fraud. Liberals still hate the late Andrew Breitbart. So when liberals are caught committing voter fraud and Breitbart protege's expose it, I enjoy broadcasting it to my little piece of the new media world.

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