Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm a Racist, You're a Racist...

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Expect racism to die an ignominious death sometime this year. Obama is losing and when Obama needs to get an edge he inevitably pulls the race card out of the special pocket sewn into his jacket. Or it may be his propaganda team in the MSM who does the dirty work protecting their hero.

Either way, we all must be ready to be called racists or bigots at some time over the next 5-months.

You see, in the minds of the MSM and Obamatons The One is The Smartest President Ever so by that measure, he can not make stupid decisions or say inane things. Going further, since he is brilliant and makes all the right decisions, you have no reason to not back him with your vote since he's doing what's right for the country as a whole. So if you do vote for Romney, you did so simply because you do not like black people. Simple, right? Liberals like nuance except when nuance does not help them.

This is not new as we have all found out over the last four years and Matt Welch gathers in one timeline here. It's just being used more and will ramp up the farther we sink into the morass that is Obamanomics. It's the last refuge of a corrupt and impotent administration that has not been able to implement a coherent strategy to battle chronic unemployment and continues to follow the counsel of Keynesian acolytes.

Pretty soon, we'll hit the tipping point where the race card will be used so often (and in cases where it's simply not true but will be the knee-jerk reaction of losers with nothing more intelligent to say) that it will not even sting anymore. If everyone is a racist then no one is and for evermore, those who have truly experienced prejudice (of which there are many) will be left with no where to turn and no one to listen. We are fast approaching that point now and the next few months will accelerate the cycle even faster. The fact that we did indeed already elect a black man and ushered him in with a veto-proof Senate and ownership of the House is forgotten. History is being rewritten as we speak and things that can no longer be blamed on Bush will be blamed on a GOP House that came into power two years after Obama and the fact that racial "headwinds" kept Obama was delivering us to the promised land.

As a Tea Party supporter, I've felt the shock of being labeled a racist when it most-definitely wasn't warranted. It's the only remaining ammunition they have and has been successfully used in the past. This time, not so much.

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