Monday, December 13, 2010

Can We Get a Speaker Who Doesn't Cry All the Time?

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Jeez dude, I don't think Nancy Pelosi ever cried (and I mean ever) and every time I see David Boehner he's sobbing like a little girl. No offense dude, but the GOP is the party of men who handle adversity by steeling themselves while looking at the options that will make things better. Liberals cry about stupid shit.

We finally get the House back and we elect a guy who even Barbara Walters thinks is a friggin' pussy. Even the feeble-minded Joy Behar's going to have a blast picking this bawling bastard apart.

I get it congressman, you've come from humble beginnings and worked your way up to number two in the list of succession but for crying out loud, that's the American story. Ask the private fighting the Taliban what he thinks about seeing a leader break out in tears for no good reason while he hasn't seen his kids in months and nearly got killed in a fire fight last night.

Finally, enough with the Obama disrespected me crap. He's the president and he's from the opposition that has no problem labeling anyone who disagrees with them as racist, a Nazi or worse. Get over it, every Democrat thinks every Republican is a moron that can't read without pictures and can't come up with a thought without someone else feeding it to them.

We finally won back leadership of part of the government and we're stuck with a man who's more of a woman than the woman currently serving in the position. To paraphrase Sarah Palin: man up, dude!

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