Monday, December 13, 2010

Offer No Quarter on Taxes

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One month ago, Conservatives won a mandate and injected new blood into the dying body we call Congress. The American people said enough is enough; enough spending, enough entitlement programs rammed through without even reading the bill and enough of the arrogance that permeates Congress both sides (three if you include whatever side Denis Kucinich (D-Uranus) is from).

Here we stand with a large axe hanging over the head of the economy. In 19 days, every productive American will see their taxes rise to levels that will be unmanageable and the fragile economy can't sustain. I would take a $4,000 hit or more than $300 per month that I currently spend on clothes, food, beer and restaurants. I won't spend that and the stores I frequent would lose business from not just me but all the others like me who work hard and spend within the community (especially the liquor store).

The Obama plan is a sham; it's larded up with pork for the ethanol industry (an industry even Al Gore bailed on) and dozens of other idiotic handouts. Democrats are currently trying to savage it and Conservatives are starting to crow about the insanity of raising deficits when we should be cutting them.

Put it to an up or down vote in the next few days: one on whether or not to let the tax cuts lapse--including the estate tax--and in essence raise taxes on those who actually can save the budding recovery, one on the extension of unemployment insurance, one on ethanol subsidies and ane on all the other garbage thrown in. Make people put their name on the line and act as if they work for us and not the opposite.

We own the House and the Democrats who lost are squatting in it. Let's hit them upside the head and say hell no, we are not going back to the same old bullshit we saw last time the GOP held the reins. Keep up the phone calls and e-mails and let them know that we're paying close attention to how this is handled. If they start to buckle or waver, we push harder. If no deal is reached in which we get everything we want, we let the tax cuts lapse and tell the American people it was purely the fault of lame duck liberals who want to push one last steaming pile of deficit-laden bullshit onto our children. We'll re-instate them under better terms come January.

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