Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Pro Athlete Syndrome Writ Large

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Many pro athletes tend to have a really hard time adjusting to the fame and money they thought would be the thing they desired most. Their whole lives they were told how great they were, how much they mean to the town or city, how awesome their very existence is. They hear this for years and when they make it to the pro level and live what they thought was their dream they end up dysfunctional, mal-adjusted and just plain seem to be assholes because dammit, they are great...everybody said so.

That's pretty much where we currently find Obama:

To be blunt, Obama suffers from a lifetime of others excessively praising his intellect. It insulates him from ideas and facts that conflict with his pre-existing liberal rubric (so “every economist” believed his stimulus would work). It leaves him unprepared to engage in real debate with informed opponents (e.g. the health-care summit).
The MSM and the intelligentsia made Obama out to be this utter genius (and got called on it embarrassingly) and he bought in because he was always told that. Reality is a bitch.

Read the entire Jennifer Rubin post at the above link.

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