Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Chris Christie Locomotive Continues to Roll

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Christie for president?

Republican NJ Gov. Chris Christie , who has taken controversial steps since taking office, has a higher approval rating than Pres. Obama in New Jersey, according to a new poll released Thursday.

Just more than half - 51% - approve of Christie's performance as governor while 36% disapprove in the Quinnipiac poll. Obama has a 47% approval rating in the survey and the same percentage disapprove of the president's performance.

"New Jerseyans are getting used to their new Gov., Christopher Christie, as his job approval breaks the 50 percent mark," said Maurice Carroll , director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "But familiarity hasn't helped him much with Democrats. A lot of voters still think Christie is a bully, but the victories he chalked up in the legislature earn him good marks for leadership."

Christie performs even better among independents. 61% of independents approve of Christie's performance, 29% disapprove. For Obama, 41% of independents approve and 53% disapprove.
Christie has done a remarkable job of framing the issues he and the state are dealing with. You have unions that got sweetheart deals from McGreevey and Corzine and have forced dramatic increases in property taxes. Mine currently stand at greater than $10,000 yearly and will go to $1,000 a month next year. Christie struck a chord and people in this deep blue state are starting to see that he's the real deal. 61% of Independents like him and this state--especially down south where I live, which is only semi-filled with heathens unlike the north--is largely full of Indies. These numbers are incredible as the unions laid on a full-scale carpet bombing impugning him daily in every media and he came out giving them the finger and going after them even harder.

Some are taking him to task for not commenting on the Ground Zero mosque issue but why should he? He's governor of New Jersey, not New York. Granted, many from the Garden State died in the 9/11 attacks but he should just stay out. Were he a confirmed presidential candidate, he'd have to speak up but he's least at this point. Hopefully that changes.

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