Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Climate Change Debunked Everywhere But Newsweek

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Newsweek magazine was forced to retract a 1975 article in which they did a whole issue on global cooling and the world havoc that would result from it. This from a magazine that published a false story about flushing a Koran down a toilet that led directly to deaths.

With the rest of the world seeing clearly that global warming "science" is widely skewed and realizing that they've spent billions of dollars that could have been better spent on helping their own citizens, Newsweek remains firmly in the global warming cocoon.

Walter Mead explains, in-depth, how the last gasps of the global warming swindle remain but largely how the myth has been debunked so easily and quickly. It's been a tough few months for our green brothers and sisters as it's finally dawned on them that they've been had. They bought into a cult that was designed for nothing more than enriching people like Al Gore and redistributing money from wealthy nations to poor ones.

But not Newsweek. No, when presented with facts that show the "science" was a scam, they hold their collective hands over their ears and utter passages from An Inconvenient Truth really loudly. They are bitter and are taking out their ire on one man who was a loud sceptic from the beginning. In what can only be labeled a rant from a whiny teenager, Sharon Begley goes off on Lomborg without facts, reason or thinking that could even be considered rational.

This is the last gasp of a dying religion and one can only be thankful that it will be relegated to the dustbin of history with other false pseudo-religions like communism and Nazism.

Exit question: Does Begley look exactly like the smug, rebuked global warming supporter you thought?

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