Monday, February 22, 2010

Obama to American People: Go to hell

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In spite of every single poll showing dwindling support for The one and the bloodbath the Dem's suffered in NJ, VA and MA, Obama is plunging ahead with healthcare reform and telling the American people that they either are too stupid to know what is best for them or just plain telling us to go screw ourselves. Either way, we're going to be paying one hell of a bill:

This morning, President Obama released his latest health care blueprint, which he hopes will breathe life into his moribund effort to overhaul one-sixth of the U.S. economy. The new blueprint is almost exactly the same as the House and Senate health care bills that the public have opposed since July. It mostly just splits the difference between the two.

One new element, however, is the president’s proposal to impose a new type of government price control on health insurance premiums. I explain here how those price controls are a veiled form of government rationing that helped sink the Clinton health plan.

If anything, those price controls make the president’s new plan even more bureaucratic and government-heavy. The Senate bill would take an ill-advised stab at cost-control by imposing a tax on the highest-cost health plans. That president proposes to pare back that excise tax and instead have a panel of federal bureaucrats cap the growth in health insurance premiums for all health plans. Those new government powers could make it even harder for people to obtain the coverage and care that they need.

How bad is it? The CBO can't even score it and tell us the actual costs, which even the Dems say will be over a trillion in the next decade.

I heard Gingrich on Hannity today say that he believes the American people would go ballistic if they rammed this down our throats. That may be the case but the Republican's have got to distance themselves from everything in this bill. they can't go to the healthcare summit with OBama on Thursday and show any weakness. They must be stout and require that any bill include major tort reform, no new taxes and a pay go status. They must also tell Reid that no way will they be a part of any sweetheart deals like the one given Mary Landrieu and unions. If Obama doesn't play ball on all of these issues, they need to make a statement and walk out in front of the entire nation.

The American people want nothing to do with healthcare reform and the only ones who can represent us and defend the idea of an America governed by the people and for the people are the GOP. I'm not hopeful as they've shown they are experts at losing every advantage afforded them but one can be hopeful.

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