Friday, February 26, 2010

The Week That Was

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Busy all this week so posting was light but here's what went on:

-AL Gore got the business from Apple shareholders this week and like usual, sat there like a lump and said nothing. I guess when you've swindled thousands of loser businesses into buying billions of dollars of useless carbon credits and made millions in the process by hawking a a problem that has been shown to be a myth you don't have to say much.

-Obama met with the GOP--a move I was against. Fortunately, the GOP took it to the Dems and The One and he came off looking awful.

-The White House spokesmagazine lost a good deal of money last year. I guess Obamanomics is working out about as well for the lying bastards at Newsweek as it is for the rest of us.

-The Dems tried pulling a fast one by secretly installing an amendment that would allow CIA interrogators to be arrested and tried for using excessive force. That would have been incredibly disastrous for our national security. The GOP was smarter as is usually the case and the weasels removed it.

-Great moments in socialized medicine. Remember, this is what Obama wants for us.

-Charlie Rangel is proven a crook and the MSM ignores it as usual. A shocker on both counts, don't you think?

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