Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday Night News & Notes

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The word is it's going to be a nasty winter and based on the spring, summer and early fall we're seeing, I'm not betting against it. Should be a joy but hopefully the slopes open early this year.

Anyway, here's what's new in the world:

-This story made the rounds before and is probably being bandied about by his political rivals; Ahmadinejad is of Jewish stock. L'Chaim, Mahmoud.

-Unemployment is at 15-million. That's 9.8% or a number we've not seen since 1983 when Reagan was just beginning to pull us out of the mess created by four years of Jimmy Carter. The ACORN layoffs alone will put it over 10% by Christmas. BTW, taking into account real numbers, it's the highest since records were kept.

-Speaking of those out of work, remember when Obama said it woulkd never reach 8% if we passed the stimulus bill? Er...he was so way off:

-Alarmism: Ban Ki-Moon, Sec General of the UN instructs the world that we only have ten days to prevent climate doom. I'll take my chances. Moon should clean up his organization filled with rapists and thugs before he chastises us.

-Is Obama like Gorbachev? Now that's a funny one to ponder. The left remember Gorbi as the cool Soviet who would save the crumbling empire while the right remembers him as a dude who needed hi fat pulled out of the fire by a blithering Boris Yeltsin.

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