Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Wins Award Created By Inventor of TNT

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This morning, the country awoke to word that The One won the Nobel Peace Prize and the first coherent thought was "what the fuck?" That was followed by "why?" and quickly followed by "did I just spit coffee all over myself when I heard the words Obama and Nobel in the same sentence?"

It's the equivalent of giving the Cy Young Award to Brad Lidge who was 0-8 with 11 blown saves this year or giving...actually, it's like giving the Cy Young to a double A pitcher who may be a good starter one day. It's a disgrace but then the Nobel Committee has essentially been a disgrace since they gave Yassir Arafat, Jimmy Carter and Al Gore one, which cheapened it to the point of getting one in a Cracker Jack box (update: The guys at Cold Fury beat me to this analogy by hours--nice work).

With regard to peace, Obama has increased troop levels in Afghanistan, kept Gitmo open, increased the chance for war by scrapping the anti-missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic and failing to stand up to Iran who may create more destabilization than the world has seen since WWII once they acquire nukes.

Organizations like those who award the Nobel as well as the UN have been proven a farce. Perhaps some conservative with money will create an award named after Ronald Reagan that actually means something as Reagan was instrumental in freeing millions from Soviet oppression and didn't receive a damn thing for it but scorn from the world community who awards garbage awards like the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, at least those who were freed appreciated it I guess.

When lefty hack papers like the New Statesmen print pix like the one below, you know there's no one in the world who buys this bullshit shoveled by the Nobel people.

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