Saturday, October 03, 2009

The First Election Cycle During Obamanation

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The first election cycle after we became a post-racial nation, which is loved by the entire world is set to take place in a month. How will the GOP do being as they've been handle a gift of epic proportions. The Dems gave us Obama and he's tanked in ways we couldn't have dreamed, faster than anyone thought possible. Will the GOP do what they always do and blow every single political opportunity afforded them or take the ball and break the plane?

The first glimpse we'll have into whether Nobama can lead his party forward or over a cliff is about to play out in the bluest of blue states--my home state of New Jersey:

Corzine's chances of winning re-election now are no better than they were a month ago. The governor continues to be stuck between 38 percent and 42 percent in the ballot test, where he has been for many months, and the fundamentals of the race continue to favor the Republican challenger.

Corzine was at 39 percent among likely voters in the newest Quinnipiac survey, not much different from his 37 percent showing at the end of August, his 40 percent showing in early August or his 38 percent showing in mid-July.

The most recent Quinnipiac poll showed Christie leading Corzine by 4 points because the Republican's vote has slipped from 46 percent or 47 percent in other Quinnipiac surveys to 43 percent. In turn, Independent candidate Chris Daggett's number in the ballot test has risen to 12 percent in the most recent Quinnipiac poll, up from the 7 percent to 9 percent he had been drawing in other recent Quinnipiac surveys.
The media want you to believe Corzine's got a shot because it is of great significance and a loss by Corzine--whom The One has campaigned pretty hard for--would show that the presidents coattails are pretty short indeed. If a buffoon like Christie who would never have a shot in any other year can win, all bets are off for 2010.

Update: We're seeing it in Pennsylvania as well where Pat Toomey is making a move past the zombie Arlen Specter.

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