Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Western Pennsylvanian Murtha Calls Western PA Racist

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Yeah, the guy who wrongly called a group of Marines murderers before he saw any evidence and then lied about it has now tarnished a region of his state where his constituency is as racist. The fact that he hasn't called the city of Philadelphia, which will probably never elect another non-African-American Mayor racist says all you need to know about the Democrats and identity politics.

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Zoooma!! said...

We put up with a LOT from our elected politicians. Idiocy like this... I don't know, it seems like this is something we just should not be hearing from a politician in our Federal government. Thankfully not all Democrats think this way. To me this truly reflects what a total old fool Murtha is. There's typical running off at the mouth and then there's crap like this spewed forth from someone whose mind seemingly more resembles senility than sanity. He needs to be forcibly retired and sent to a home.