Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Enabling Voter Fraud

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ACORN has been in the news for their creative get out the vote efforts. From Mickey Mouse to the entire Dallas Cowboys offense, they've managed to get some dude registered (73 times at last count)for nothing more than some smokes.

So how do supposedly sober Democrats greet this affront to this most cherished of American rights? With scorn and half-truths of course:

From the New York Post we get openers like this one: an Ohio man registered to vote several times and cast a bogus ballot with a fake address... One Ohio man is a conduit to voter fraud, something an organization committed to registering minorities and the poor would risk their reputation? Seriously?
See how Marsh does this, she makes it out as if this is the only case. It's kind of like back in 2004 when they screamed that voters were being kept from going to the polls but it was soon found out that the only case was one in which a Democratic politicians son was busted and convicted for flattening some tires of GOP-owned vehicles. The list of confirmed cases is huge and growing and Marsh knows this but being a partisan shill (and one who watched her candidate--Hillary Clinton--get smeared repeatedly by Obama and still toes the Obama line, which makes her a cowardly shill) she opts to just ignore the facts. Typical Democrat behavior actually.

Anyway, our heroine continues:

Remember when Wal-Mart was found to have employed illegal immigrants? Did you hear Republicans yelling for them to be closed down and run out of business? Of course not, because capitalism and the big shots who run that engine is, above all else, the fuel that drives Republican power.
Love that analogy, kind of like comparing apples and arugula. Here's the difference (and again Marsh knows this); Wal-Mart is not funded by taxpayer dollars and ACORN is. Plus, ACORN has received at least $80,000 from the Obama campaign to pay scumbags and jobless liberals to sign up felons, dead people and famous athletes...and cartoons.

ACORN is ambitious, they are cheating in not just one state, but every swing state they can muster up some vagrants to help.

But hey, if Marsh is so intent on winning that she'll turn a blind eye to those actually stealing someones identity, so be it. I'm sure she'll have no problems sleeping at night because Democrats seem to be short on morals. Plus, anyone who would sit there and watch her candidate get called racist and every other slur and then turn around and support the one who did it must be wholly unscrupulous.


Anonymous said...

Come on dude, you're smarter than that. Do you think Mickey Mouse is going to get a voter registration card in the mail, hop in his car on Nov 4 and provide his Mickey Mouse photo ID and cast his Disney vote?

I have to believe you have voted and are familiar with the process.

Clearly, ACORN must pay per registration or have a quota the employees must reach and they are just filling these papers out. Does not make it right, but it also has no legs and is a pathetic attempt to shift focus.

Anonymous said...

REGISTRATION fraud does not = VOTER fraud.