Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Convention Notes

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Not too much happening inside as the agenda was shortened due to Hurricane Gustav making landfall in Louisiana. The idiots protesters were out in force though.

Some nobody from Democracy Now!--a left wing group of zealots--was arrested and the leftosphere is in high dudgeon over the police state of St. Paul. She was released and whined of course. Perhaps if you all didn't vandalize private property, things would go smoother.

The left-wingers tossed sandbags from overpasses at buses carrying delegates from Minneapolis to St. Paul. A sandbag ways roughly fifteen to twenty pound and could kill someone if dropped from heights. That's not protesting, that's attempted murder.

And yes, these fine, upstanding men and women even went after kids. The Obama nation is in effect, hope (we make it to the arena alive) and change (your shirt because you just got hit by a urine bomb).

The convention continues today.

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