Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Juxtaposing Biden and Palin--Foreign Policy

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This is a week long series looking at the differences between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden. today we look at foreign policy.

First in the series here.

Biden: Wanted to partition Iraq in to three ethnic "states" instead of advocating the Surge. Doing so would probably have mired the nation ethic strife, civil war and chaos for a generation. It would also have rattled the oil markets for years.
Palin: She's not on record with much on the war. She has visited Alaskan troops in Kuwait. Generally, a Governor has little experience with wars and if the VP selection were Jon Corzine or Arnold Schwarzenegger, I'd be saying the same thing. No record on the war is much better than a bad record on the war. Her son will be deployed to Iraq next week so she has a vested interest, Biden's son as well as McCain's have both served there. She has commented that we shouldn't fight a war for energy, however one would expect the woman leading the state with an untapped energy ocean below it to say that.

Biden: He essentially echoed John McCain that this was an event that could lead us into another Cold War. Biden has views that are against what an Obama administration would implement as he's anti-Russia--a carry over from the bad old days when we were ever vigilant against the Soviets.
Palin: Alaska generally only has dealings with Russia on issues of commerce. These would include oil and fishing in the Bering Sea. A future Alaska governor will have to be more adept as the Arctic Circle will be the next oil boom area.

Biden: He has voted the party line all along. He's joined Obama in saying that the war we should be fighting is in Afghanistan, not Iraq. He would be right at present because we've won in Iraq.
Palin: No record to speak of. The War on Terror is an issue that will be of major importance in the next decade and she'll need to catch up. Still, Obama is not ready to lead on this front either.

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