Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Law of Unintended Consequences

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The scum who inhabit that liberal, fetid swamp know as Daily Kos had themselves quite a weekend where they smeared the hell out of Gov. Sarah Palin's child to the point that Palin was forced to respond and release the news that her 17-year old daughter is pregnant. They've effectively destroyed a young girl for political gain. Generally, a woman's womb is considered sacred for the nutroots but they've made a huge exception this time because Palin scares the hell out them.

The gutless pussy fearless leader of that train wreck of a site allowed these smears to run rampant for the entire holiday weekend thereby forcing the candidate they support to come out against the vile practice of going after a teenager.

Then a funny thing happened; the candidate is now liked more because of the abuse visited upon her by the troglodytes of DKos. Their actions enhanced her reputation overnight. This is not an unusual take by women, the core group Obama needs.

Yes, the media also got down in the mud and turned this from a blogosphere story into national news (the same media who wouldn't investigate John Edwards because he "wasn't running for anything). They did it in the sneaky media way but they were actually reporting rumors without one iota of evidence to back it up except the word of one low life diarist at DKos. They were not the only ones involved and in fairness, some were horrified by what they read as they should but those were the exception and certainly not the rule.

So, the website that is the starting point of a new communist liberal revolution stands by their story and backs their contributor up in the name of solidarity, right? You're funny. Of course they didn't, they flushed all remnants of this smear campaign into the cyber swamp. Thankfully, lizards live in the swamp and the evidence has been retrieved.

We now see that nothing is beyond the pale for the mainstream bloggers and we see that nothing is too seedy for the man who runs the site. Take note that Obama, Clinton and other Democrat candidates fell all over themselves to speak at the mans gathering in years past so they can now all be tarnished with the same brush.

So by going after a candidate's daughter, the left has effectively promoted that candidate to victim status thus earning her empathy (and votes) from those who may not have done so prior. All Palin needs to do is keep her cool, look professional and let this play out through her Internet proxies like myself and others who are now more ready to battle it out than the left wing could ever know.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Are you telling me that if something like this came out of the Obama Biden side you would not be after it on your blog like white on rice? Give me a break! I feel for her daughter, but any good mother would not accept the VP invite knowing their daughter was pregnant and would indeed be thrown in the middle of a political media storm. It is not the media's fault. Her mother chose this despite her family's serious issue they should be dealing with privately, but they are no longer a private family they are very very public.

Have you seen the baby's daddy yet? A self proclaimed mother f*cking red neck? So not only do we have a child here picking what appears to be crappy boyfriends, she chooses to have unprotected sex with him... does not say much for family values. Honestly, when I heard the news I thought well maybe she is in a relationship with a good guy. Maybe she matured early. Levi does not fit the bill. The media loved making fun of Chelsea. It is the nature of the beast.

Scott said...

Revising history, eh? The media did what they should have and stayed away from Chelsea as they should have.

Bristol Palin is not runing for office, her mother is. And what the hell should you care and what do you know about Levi anyway?

You are an elitist as is Obama and that will his downfall.

Anonymous said...

You're right I should have said media...I meant the public - SNL etc. Am I wrong?

I do not think they are attacking the young girl as much as attacking the morality of the family while spewing how great of a family woman the mother is.

And now there are all these reports of a bad joke McCain made about Chelsea's mom being Janet Reno and that is why she was so ugly - google it.

In this day and age of blogs, myspace, facebook - a person's history and privacy are public consumption and Levis myspace page well let's say the guy is... a hunky badboy I would not what my two daughters having much to do with.

Anonymous said...

meant to include on his myspace before it got shut down:

On his MySpace page, Johnston boasts, "I'm a f - - -in' redneck" who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes.

"But I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s- - - and just f - - -in' chillin' I guess."

"Ya f - - - with me I'll kick [your] ass," he added.

He also claims to be "in a relationship," but states, "I don't want kids."

Anonymous said...

You can tell a lot about a person by the friends they keep and you can tell a lot about a person by the way they parent and the way their children behave. It has usually been true for me. Why shouldn't it be true for Sarah Palin and her family? Thrusting her troubled daughter in the middle of the dirty political game that just adds to the argument.

Scott said...

Uh, idiot, Bristol Palin was not thrust into the limelight by her mother, she was thrust there by the scum on the left who went after a 17-year old girl. Even going so far as to show her her baby fat off in a huge blown up pic. Then they cowardly deleted it nce the world saw just how disgusting they were.

Get real, you side is responsible for the attempted destruction of a tennager. You must be so proud to defend them.

Anonymous said...

When you accept a ticket invite, you invite the world into your lives. Politics is a dirty, scary game. You know conservatives are just as ruthless. How about Sarah PARENTING her daughter at this difficult time? Wouldn't that have said a lot about her as a mother, a parent to tell old mccain thanks but no thanks I have a lot going on here and my child needs me and I do not want her subjected to the eyes of the world. You know she is power hungry like all politicians... so her family must go on the back burner. I feel terrible for this young woman mostly because her mother is not there for her the way she should be. You love your VP too much - really it would be healthy for you to realize there is a problem here and McCain acted too quickly.

Scott said...

Listen you self-righteous little prig, the right stayed away from Chelsea and wuld never have even thought to go as far as the left has because it's inhuman to do so.

As for telling Sarah Palin how to parent her children, people who live in glass houses...

There was once a time when liberals believed in privacy (and of course still do when it comes to abortion), that time is long past so we only have one side who respects the rights of teenagers and it's obviously not your side.

I'm done with this argument, the fact that you defend scum like this says all any of us need to know so please just stfu.

Anonymous said...

Just a typical angry, gun loving weirdo who is dropping to his knees in desperation for a Sarah Palin who will go down as a huge mistake. I was just looking at the crowd at the gop convention it is filled with old angry looking men. I did not think you were that old but you sure act like it. I will go on defending my party of young, progressive thinkers and you go ahead and become that angry old republican holding onto your guns and money. GROSS! Bye poser deadhead. Just post to your other mindless followers. NOW the argument is over because I am sure you will read this.

Scott said...

Ha! Poser deadhead. The Dead were all about capitalism and refernece guns in about twenty different songs.

But wait, you're the only mindless reader I have and without you we'll have, you know, thoughful discussion. Didn't you get pwned by about thirty people yesterday?

Republicans aren't angry, the libs in the street are and they were just as insane last week during the donkfest. Unity my ass.

No, I'll cradle my guns and vote for McCain/Palin and watch the country stay safe. You can vote for Obama and pretend that terrorist's would never attack us because Obama will just talk to them and make the entire world love us again. The seas will stop rising and global warming will end...because he's The One.

Anonymous said...

I knew the argument wasn't over I must be making you mad! Your adoration of Palin is well comical. I'm off to watch your party, your president with the lowest ratings since nixon. I will anxiously await miss alaska scream about all the crAAAAAcks tomorrow. I would say I am done with you here but I cannot help myself I might have to come back and read more of your "love letters to Sarah".... until then keep truckin'. bob weir has given 6000 to the dems