Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The 57 State Strategy?

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I'm guessing in Obama's world, Virginia is "right next to Pennsylvania". But wouldn't that be subtracting a state like, say...Maryland? That would make only 56 states in the US...or 57???

Call me old fashioned but doesn't "right next door" mean, well, immediately bordering? Just asking.

Obama is abandoning Virginia it seems and I would guess because they are all too damn racist to vote for a corrupt, one-term, unqualified candidate. Pennsy is in play and I'd imagine his "bitter" comment is well remembered by the people living between Philly and Pittsburgh. Well, they're all out hunting so I'd imagine most most attend an Obama rally.

1 comment:

Michael Ryan said...

Yup, Maryland doesn't exist. Hell, even our governor in Virginia agrees.