Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain Goes For Jugular

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It's on.

John McCain hit Obama hard on his taking credit for the economic stimulus package he didn't even show up to vote for and his accepting large contributions from Fannie Mae. It's about friggin' time we take off the gloves and quit worrying about being called "racist" for pointing out how poor a candidate Obama is.

Watch and enjoy my friends:


Anonymous said...

Is Cindy McCain THE most annoying woman on the planet or what? She loves and makes sure to be in every camera shot. At least Michelle does not do that and I am no Michelle fan.

otis.opse said...

Typical rant anonymous. Why not address Scott's earlier post "Two Glaring Examples of Obama's Poor Decision Making." Your a typical liberal pussy. Take a cheap shot and hide behind your anonymity. Please debunk or refute the issues that really matter.