Sunday, August 31, 2008

What The Media is Missing About Palin

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Leave it to the solipsistic, dead tree media to get it wrong once again. They are trying to come to terms with McCain's selection of Sarah Palin and what a masterstroke it was. They buy into the Obama "hope and change" B.S. then defend his choice of Joe Biden as V.P, yet when a true example of change smacks them upside the dome, they bash it.

What the media can't understand is that Palin has reinvigorated a GOP that sorely needed it. During the primaries, there was excitement and drama as Obama caught and then overtook Hillary Clinton. It was five straight months of excitement and they're now stuck with a candidate that many didn't want. On the opposite side, the GOP primary lacked excitement with McCain trudging along and the others not exactly energizing anyone.

Fast-forward to Friday and look at how the pick of Palin has jolted the party to action just when it was most needed. McCain brought in ove $7-million on that day alone because Sarah Palin is just what the base was looking for. She's a true reformer, an athlete, loves the outdoors including hunting and fishing, walked the walk under difficult circumstances when faced with a choice of whether or not to bring her son into the world with Down Syndrome, supports energy independence and is willing to take on the establishment. She is hope and change while Obama and Biden are machine politicians. Palins husband is a steel worker and a union one at that; that appeals to Reagan Democrats and it offsets the life of privilege Obama now leads (see arugula).

Palin has stirred a fire in the GOP base that was doused during the last three years of Bush's second term. Yes, we saw the good in wining in Iraq and the bad in immigration and spending, yet it's time for real change and that is what Palin represents. Obama supporters didn't exactly light up the Internet sending him money when he selected Biden, now did they?

Back to the media. Just a few examples from my local rag show what he MSM just isn't getting. The hyper-partisan yet usually intelligent Trudy Rubin mails this one in. Chris Satullo could have gotten his piece from Daily Kos and it's written as if it were a post from that site. Check this out and read DKos or the any other liberal blog and tell me if you can see a difference:

Palin? Every story about her since McCain stunned the nation Friday mentions that Palin was, in her youth, a beauty queen. OK, cue in grumbling about the unregenerate sexism of the political press, but here's the problem:

Conservative male voters have told pollsters for years they weren't comfortable with the idea of a woman as commander in chief.

So why expect them to vote for a woman who two years ago was mayor of a town of about 8,000?

The answer, whispered but unmistakable: "Yeah, but she's hot!" She has no foreign-policy experience, has barely traveled overseas. "Yeah, but she's hot!" She gets mixed reviews from politicians in her own party in Alaska. "Yeah, but she's hot!"

As for women who supported Clinton, I just can't see them easily switching allegiance from their dogged feminist hero to someone they may well view as an arriviste prom queen.
Pathetic, really. I guess Satullo comes cheap or something as I've read better commentary at the Huffington Post. No wonder the Inqy is wallowing in red ink is the opinion pages are filled with that unimaginative drivel. I guess I shouldn't expect more considering that Satullo wrote this piece about how bad America sucks on the Fourth of July.

The only one at the Inqy who may sense the change Palin brings is Dick Polman who is in tune with the blogosphere and probably looks at Memeorandum several times a day to see what's hot. He at least tries to play it straight and seems to sense that something is afoot in the GOP, he just doesn't quite put his finger on it.

Palin is an excellent choice and with a Democrat party that is still partitioned into Hillary and Obama factions despite the media lie that they achieved "unity", Palin may just pick off enough to win this thing. For what it's worth, what every single opinion writer at the Inqy failed to realize is that McCain's selection of Palin canceled out any boost Obama would have had from his tepid convention speech. The MSM had their stories written about how it was the most important convention speech ever and how Obama can capture a crowd but it was all forgotten by noon Friday and the bump was negated.
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