Friday, August 29, 2008

The Hurt of Clarity

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Melissa McEwan posted this today:

Well, that took—what?—an hour? Petulant just emailed me to say he heard someone on the Stephanie Miller Show calling Palin a "bimbo." (Presumably because she's a former beauty queen.) And I'm already reading indictments of "her" that include information like "her husband works for an oil company."


Says Pet: "The slaughter of your gender begins anew!" Sob.

For the record, there is plenty about which to criticize Palin that has absolutely fuck-all to do with her sex. She's anti-choice, against marriage equality, pro-death penalty, pro-guns, and loves Big Business. (In other words, she's a Republican.) There's no goddamned reason to criticize her for anything but her policies.

And I'll go ahead and put it right in the fucking inaugural post in this series: I will defend Sarah Palin against misogynist smears not because I like or support her, but because that's how feminism works.

Cheesus. I'm exhausted already.
I like her writing because it's from the soul and she epitomizes what a blogger should be. She's coming to a realization that is hurtful in a way that watching everything you believe suddenly go poof can only bring out.

The Obama supporters (and advisers) have played the misogyny card all along because they have one goal in mind--winning. He's not The One unless the one is a shameless politician who will do whatever he has to to win. Winning is the ultimate goal and the means to an end is not important.

The Obama supporters--not necessarily Obama himself--destroyed Hillary Clinton. They attacked her husband with false accusations of racism and used misogyny to great effect in sinking her. Sarah Palin is on the other side so we'll see people call her a "bimbo," a "slut" or any other slur that will help them win because they believe winning power is the goal, not doing what is best for the American people.

Palin will be fine and I imagine McCain/Palin will win because as I pointed out earlier, women are pissed that Hillary was destroyed because she's a woman. I carry no torch for Hillary and, in fact, am a major Hillary basher--yet the way the party treated her was nothing less than as a second class citizen. I wouldn't even consider posting what they did about her. I may be a basher but I would never disrespect her by labeling her a bimbo or some other derogatory term. Hell, I have a mom and both Hillary and Palin are mothers (and sisters and daughters).

Liberalism is not the same liberalism it was. Feminism is essentially dead and we saw exactly why today. Todays liberalism means win at all costs and fuck those who disagree. Sad.

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