Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Delivers For Obama For What It's Worth

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Hillary Clinton delivered her speech calling for unity and backing Barack Obama last night at the Pepsi Center in Denver. She spoke about as passionately as one could when they've seen a decades-long goal evaporate before their eyes.

The goal was to rally her supporters and she may have just done that with some but overall, I'm not sure it had the intended effect. Hillaryites are pissed and for Barack Obama to snub their girl like he did was just too much for them to take. Not even vetting her for VP was the final slap and I don't think many of them will be going full-bore for Obama.

Some have called her "a good soldier," I for one will never equate a Clinton with those brave men and women in uniform but she was what could be called a team player. She did enough to support the party and that's about all anyone with a "D" behind their name could hope for.

Two exit questions: What was up with the orange pantsuit and will this piece of self-flagellation get Ron Fournier back in the good graces of the angry left?

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