Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Phillies Shock Mets in 13

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Last season, the epic Mets meltdown began in late August when Marlon Anderson was called out for interference during a double play ending the game. That slide continued into September and the Mets went from a commanding lead to out of the playoffs in a month.

Last night, the Phils were down 7-0 after Jamie Moyer got shelled--an unusual occurrence--for 6 runs in the first three innings. I almost turned off the game and watched the convention coverage on MSNBC I was so disgusted.

Instead, they battled back led by a suddenly hot Jimmy Rolling (5-7, HR, 3 RBI, 3 stolen bases), Chris Coste (4-4, GW RBI) and Jason Werth (3-5, SB, R) to tie it in the ninth. They were actually out of players and this game saw catcher Carlos Ruiz playing third and pitchers Cole Hamels and Brett Myers pinch-hitting.

Chris Coste same through in the 13th for the victory and all of a sudden it feels like 2007 once again.

The Phils have rattled off five straight and are back in first with a little momentum.

Update: Charlie Manuel after the game had this to say in his own down home way:

"We stayed after them," manager Charlie Manuel said. "A lot of things happened, everything except a fight."
If the Mets keep losing games like this, we'll see fights for their dugout between their players.

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