Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Convention Notes--Monday Night

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Police arrested some white supremacist's in an alleged plot to assassinate Barack Obama. Details are sketchy but a presser is scheduled for today to provide details.

Sen. Edward Kennedy and I agree on just about nothing. That said, it was nice to see the old liberal lion appear last night at the convention. He looked better than I had expected and spoke of a future of hope. Here's to hoping we see him at the next convention.

Obama just opened himself up to the William Ayers charges and he did it in his own ad. For those a little late to the game, Ayers was a leader of the Weather Underground who bombed the Pentagon and killed policemen. Obama sat with him on boards and went to him to gain favor when starting out in politics. This may be the latest, yet greatest political blunder in a campaign that has seen many. This may have opened him up to even more associations that are, shall we say, sordid?

The PUMA's aren't going away quietly.

Zombie got a taste of just how angry and bitter the liberal fringe is. The cops seem ready to start cracking some skulls.

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