Monday, August 25, 2008

Jimmy Carter Doesn't Get Peanuts From Dems

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Four years ago, Zell Miller spoke at the GOP convention and roasted his party.:

Parts two and three are here and here.

Juxtapose that with the ridiculous sight of John Kerry saluting and uttering "reporting for duty".

Well, this year the Dems had a chance to have an elder Southern statesmen speak at their convention as well. The problem is that Jimmy Carter is no Zell Miller and the party sure as hell knows it:

DENVER — Former President Jimmy Carter will not speak to delegates at the Democratic convention but he will be on stage as a recorded presentation is played.

Officials at the Democratic convention initially declined to say whether Carter would speak or not, deferring to the published podium schedule, but a spokeswoman said that Democrats wanted to "acknowledge his tremendous efforts to help the [Katrina] hurricane recovery."

But later convention spokeswoman Natalie Wyeth said, "his speech to the delegates will go through that video package."

"He will be on the stage tonight," Wyeth noted.
But won't be speaking Ms. Wyeth because the Dems know that the guy is a moonbat. They fear what he would say because he is so far out of the mainstream as to be an embarrassment.

Sorry Jimmah, you have joined everyone else under the bus.

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