Monday, January 23, 2017

Women Rights, Abortion Rights and the Collective Insanity of the Left

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On Friday, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the US. He gave a 16 minute speech which he outlined exactly what he plans on doing and it mirrored exactly what he said he was going to do. He immediately signed executive orders aimed at Obamacare and other priorities.

On Saturday, women marched nationally in what they said was a march for all women but in fact was a mix of pent up anger that Trump won and their collective pro-abortion stance. I can say that without fear of being wrong because they excluded right-to-life groups.

The march was underwritten by many far left groups under the umbrella of George Soros--the anti-Semitic left-wing agitator. This was no grass roots effort.

The rage was clearly evident with many saying they marched because of Trumps words caught on tape that were distasteful. I cannot condemn Trump because A) I'm a man who played sports and B) I was once a sailor. There are many words I'd not like to have recorded and played back 20 years later but I digress. I find it amusing that these same women did not march or protest when Bill Clinton was accused of rape and actually did sexually harass a subordinate. In fact Nina Burleigh of Time Magazine said "I'd be happy to give him [oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.".

Many women throughout the country marched and the results are about what you'd expect; women dressed as vaginas or wearing vagina hats or going topless or just generally marching. Quite a few men joined showing that they too are inclusive (or were forced to by their militant feminist girlfriends  as well as many kids, some holding signs that they probably shouldn't have been.

They dressed as Muslim women without understanding (or failing to acknowledge) that in Muslim nations, women can be stoned for being raped, they can be honor killed for bringing shame upon ones family (which can mean talking to a man not their father, brother or husband), mutilation of their sexual organs is still common and gays are hung from cranes or thrown off buildings. I guess the irony escaped them. 

The question of the mans role in the creation of a child was not answered and the role of birth control was not given a thought. The idea that abortion used as birth control is repulsive to some people was not even thought of during the proceedings. 

The sheer inanity of the signs was intriguing as I felt as if I were on another planet. Note the second photo below; does that woman have an iota of comprehension what goes on outside our borders or outside Daily Kos and the Huffington Post? 

No, the sole goal was to protect the right to an abortion as far into the pregnancy as possible and many held signs proclaiming "my body does not belong to the government". Funny, these same women cheered when Michelle Obama dictated what can go in our children's bodies or when laws are passed concerning the amount of sugar one can consume. I guess, once again the irony was lost on them. 

I saw many women cheer for the First Amendment while simultaneously those same people would interfere with my Second Amendment rights without a second thought. Again, I guess the irony was lost on them. 

I served our nation so these women could march yet I did not hear word one thanking those who gave their lives for the right they so freely exercised. I guess that was an oversight. 

Anyway, welcome to the past--whenever a Republican is in office, abortion is back on the table at the nightly newscasts. Every move Trump makes will come with a liberal #fakenews outfit wondering exactly what this means for women (and minorities and the LGBT community and children and immigrants). 

Saturday was just the beginning, this will be a long eight years...especially when Trump really starts #winning.

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