Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Obama Legacy of Failure

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Historians will not be kind to Obama. A man who had the support of the nation squandered it almost immediately. He came in to the same situation Trump now finds himself in: control of the House and Senate and a clear road to setting the agenda. I guarantee you Trump will not screw up his opportunity.

Most of us on the right wanted Obama to unite the country and succeed--unlike Democrats today who hope for utter failure for Trump and the nation so they can say "we told you so". In fact, Obama was left an economy that was in recession but many presidents before had inherited such conditions--Reagan being the first that comes to mind. But Bush had also left Obama with a win in Iraq that he handled poorly and did not spend his last two months in office purposefully muddying the waters for his successor as Obama is doing now.

Instead of uniting the country he made it more decisive than ever. When a black professor was arrested, Obama immediately sided with the professor against the police. That ended up being the norm as the nation sank into the swamp of identity politics and he encouraged it. We now have an active movement against law enforcement that could have been stopped had Obama said something--anything about the dangerous road we were heading down.

On the terrorism front, he refused to call terrorism what it was and instead used terms such s "workplace violence" and in every case railed against gun owners when in fact there was a thread between every incident of terror. Because of his failure to secure the peace that was handed him in Iraq, he pulled us out and allowed ISIS to thrive. When he called the death cult that is ISIS the "JV team" we all got a look at his mindset. His actions were so bad that when a peace settlement was negotiated America wasn't even invited even though we have boots on the ground in the region.

When he listened to Hillary and bombed Libya leading to the overthrow of Gaddaffi-a man who had renounced terrorism-he had no plan for the aftermath.

When he saw his days were waning, he reached a horrific agreement with Iran-the leading sponsor of terror-that he hoped would solidify his credentials. Instead he empowered a nation that has a s its goal regional hegemony.

He attempted to sway the Israeli election and continuously undermined the only democracy in the Mideast while simultaneously allowing Russian aggression in Ukraine to go unchecked. We are currently rushing a battalion to Poland to act as a deterrent when early in his first term he removed missiles acting as a deterrent.

Domestically his policies have acted as a oppressive force on our market-based economy. Participation in the job market is at it's lowest in a half century and Obama has never had a quarter above 3% (which ironically this quarter may be since the economy began booming once Trump won.)

All in all historians will look back with the advantage of time and lack of current emotion. They will see that the Obama years were a terrible time for the nation. Sure, some will write books trying to revise history but when all is said and done and the facts have been accumulated he will be remembered as historic because of his color but somewhere in the middle for his overall presidency.

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