Sunday, January 29, 2017

One Week In And Trump Has Them Reeling

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For those who seem to be suffering from whiplash after the week Trump just had are probably trying to figure out what the hell is happening. Granted, the speed with which he is doing things is unheard of and unprecedented in Washington, DC. The nations capital is not used to a man entering office fully prepared to implement his ideas from the moment he said "so help me God".

Trump said exactly what he was going to do. From a border wall to a check on immigration from suspect countries. From tearing up Obamacare to extracting us from treaties that would harm American workers. People are shocked that he is doing the things he said he was going to do and doing them quickly.

Perhaps if you had paid attention to what he was saying and more importantly to the mood of the people in "flyover country" you would have seen who this man is. Instead of looking at him and noticing his hair, skin or the size of his hands, you should have paid attention to what he was saying and how he was connecting. The media sources you read played down his nightly crowds of 15-20,000 and instead talked about the inevitability of Hillary. While the media yawned or laughed at the things Trump said, they were under the belief the only people listening were yokels who are uneducated redneck gun owners. They didn't take him seriously because all of the pundits said Hillary was a complete shoe-in.

There is not a single thing Trump has done thus far that he did not say repeatedly on the campaign trail. Strong self defense, control of immigration and our borders, lessened control of the government on health care and a far different relationship with our allies and enemies.

The media reaction has been amusing to watch. They are two steps behind and always playing catchup. Instead of getting a scoop the president is scooping them via Twitter. They are forced to write essays that are meaningless before they even complete the first paragraph. In some (many?) cases they've gotten to the point where they just post nonsense for the consumption of those who aren't following along.

Trump is winning and he's winning it by being cunning and shrewd. Even never-trumpers are just watching in awe as he annihilates the media and controls the strings. The old ways of the NY Times writing a critical oped of the president and the president actually caring what the NY Times said are over. Why care when he can easily control the conversation in 140 characters or less.

The transition time between election and inauguration is generally one where the winner selects his nominees and the color of the drapes. Evidently Trump spent his time formulating his policies and setting priorities. Instead of concerning himself with settling in, he hit the normally staid and snail-like capital with a blindside tackle that sent them reeling. Then before they could get their bearings he hit them again and again and again...and hasn't stopped.

It is truly remarkable to see a politician (who is not a politician) completely upset 200+ years of history in one week. He's made it extremely clear that he is in that office to do what the American people elected him to do. He laid it all out and did it repeatedly. Anyone who paid attention saw this coming and is not shocked at all.

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