Monday, January 30, 2017

Republican's Always Gonna Republican

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The GOP now has the Senate, House, Oval Office and soon will have the Supreme Court. That's all branches of the government for those keeping score at home. Finally we can get stuff done that we've been waiting a generation for: tax cuts, reduced regulations, increased assistance for small business, a major corporate tax cut, it's all in front of us...except, the Republicans have a sudden case of the pussies.

 Trump is scaring the shit out of them and they are really perplexed. Sure, they talk the talk on the campaign trail but as always happens when they are required to step up and meet those promises they get all wishy-washy. They told us if we gave them the House they would stop funding Obamacare. They told us they need the Senate to do it and we gave them the Senate...still nothing. Finally they have everything in front of them, the ability to make history and show conservative ideas really work (the fact that Reagan showed they do is lost on them) is here and they act like a bunch of scared little girls.

 Trump wants to eliminate Obamacare and has told them to get to it and they keep letting the timeline slip. Every day it gets longer and longer. National security is something these a-holes always talk about for hours while campaigning but given a clear opportunity to rewrite the tax code they shrivel up. Getting jobs back in the US is the number one promise of the president and he's doing everything possible while the wilty flowers in the legislative branch wring their collective hands because this is just the way or the speed things are done in Washington.

My goodness, if they act on any of this they might get invited to the best parties or the dinosaur NY Times may write something bad about them. Suck it the fuck up y'all, you work for your constituents and they voted Trump in as well. I get you're supposed to be a check and provide balance but for crying out loud, that's generally a check and balance for the other party, not your own. If McConnell and Ryan--the consummate insiders cannot get it done, replace them with someone who can.

We've got a prime opportunity to fundamentally transform America for the next 20 years and you slink away because y'all have no balls. Those of us who elected Trump want exactly what he said he was going to do. You want the status quo. You lose. Time to man up and act like representatives instead of enabled losers living off the government dole. Believe me, you not adequately responding to Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting of the Tea Party and Benghazi will seem like a minor affair compared to the thrashing y'all will get if you fail at this.

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