Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Unhinged Doesn't Even Begin To Sum Up The Left

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I started writing seriously about politics right before the US invaded Iraq in 2003. I dabbled before then in pages that have been lost to the ether but my collective thoughts since that first day nearly 14 years ago can be found on this blog. To say I'm a veteran is to describe an Edsel as a used car. 14 years of political writing on one blog is nearly unheard of. Back in the day there were the two guys who seriously got me writing--Glenn Reynolds and Tim Blair--that I admired and they are still at it today although both have expanded their horizons. There was Charles Johnson who went way off the rails, Matt Welch who is still surviving and Allahpundit who along with Ed Morrisey are pros now at Hot Air. Back then, blogs were the wild west and they brought down Dan Rather ushering in a new era of citizen reporting.

Needless to say, I've dealt with more than my share of liberals who disagreed with me on the topics of the day (and in the blogosphere, it was a different topic daily). I think I may have once been offended by being called a racist but as a US Navy vet it wore off quickly. I've been called xenophobic, misogynistic, a chicken hawk (oh the good old days), a tea bagger, a homophobe, a fascist, a warmonger, an idiot, moron, retard and a zillion other derogatory terms. So much so that they became meaningless. Being called a fascist by someone who advocated the forced silencing of their opposition was the norm and being called any of the above terms by people who know nothing about me and even less so the definitions of what they were calling me became more amusing than anything.

I wrote through the days when the left were making imaginary assassination films about Bush and the MSM breathlessly counted down to the day we hit 1,000, 2,000 and even 2,500 dead in Iraq so they could write pieces about the evil George Bush and his disregard for the troops he led. Who can forget the complete meltdown when Abu Ghraib came to light? They wrote as if GWB was holding the damn dog collar himself.

Those days I thought I had seen the complete lowest forms of life I'd ever see. The left was in full on meltdown. The Code Pinko's marched, Not In Our name screamed, Cindy Sheehan was paraded out as often as possible and International Answer and Move On just made nuisances of themselves. On the internet (pre-Facebook) the mobs were relentless. For a couple of years I had a paid gig writing for the now defunct AOL blog The Stump. I was the token conservative and boy did I battle people daily. They said they'd kill me, rape my wife, run over my children, light my dog on fire etc. The full anonymity of the internet was in full force. In short, it was the worst I had ever seen one group act and they were relentless. Blogs like Crooked Timber, Daily Kos, Think Progress and others urged them on by posting everything they could on Bush that was bad. It didn't even have to be real, they were just amping the intellectually stunted up and boy did it work. What we would now call fake news was on every page of those blogs.

Then came Obama and they were even worse. They had won so they were not only mindless and unintelligent but they were also smug. They were in their glory because now they didn't really even have to try to be witty, they just said that anything you said about Obama was racist and that was that. They didn't even try to form coherent points because why should they? In their cold, black hearts they just knew that anyone who was not with them was a racist misogynist pig. If you brought up Fast and Furious (a scandal that would've taken down any other president) you hated Mexicans even though Mexicans are the ones who suffered as did Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry who was killed by one of the guns that "walked". If you mentioned Benghazi and Hillary together you were a misogynist. If you pointed out the insanity that is Obamacare you hated poor people. Really good people were called horrible names by their neighbors just for pointing out the bad things in the country.

Which led us to Trump...

As noted above, I've seen the left at their absolute worst. The rage Ive seen was the same rage that Black men and women saw in the Jim Crow Democrat-controlled south. But that is nothing compared to what I'm seeing now. Perhaps because in the eyes of the left, this was never supposed to happen. Hillary would win easily and continue the path to socialized medicine, oppression of the white male patriarchy, abolishing the 2nd Amendment and abortion on demand at any time during gestation. They knew it was going to happen because the pollsters and pundits said so. They were stuck in the cocoon of MSNBC, CNN, the Huffington Post, Occupy Democrats and the NY Times. Nate Silver and other set the odds of Hillary winning all the way up to 99% right before the election. But then something  happened they never even considered--Trump outsmarted them. This orange, woman-hating, pussy-grabbing, billionaire moron played them. They never considered what the rest of the country thought because "fuck those God-loving, bible reading, gun-toting rednecks and everything they believe".

And then it happened. Election night started out as a coronation for Hillary and then, slowly at first, the momentum shifted. Hmm, Trump might win Florida but we have Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin...hell, we may win North Carolina. As the night went on the realization dawned on them that they just might lose and that fear and eventual realization that they had lost caused something to snap. They lost their collective fucking minds that night. And it just got worse.

Fast-forward to inauguration day after two months of Trump antagonizing them and picking a serious cabinet. They protested and burned shit and generally made assholes of themselves. Trump ignored them and started signing executive orders and overturning Obama's EO's. This enraged them even more and I could hear in my head Glenn Close screaming "I will not be ignored!". Worse yet, Trump did not only ignore them but he kept ratcheting up the EO's and the rhetoric. The media were astonished that Trump worked so fast and the left was pissed because they couldn't decide what outrage to settle on before Trump smacked them upside the head again. They posted memes on social media and were rebutted by Trump supporters--but something funny happened, they couldn't just get away with calling those who disagreed racist anymore because they were no longer the smug ones in charge.

Meryl Streep railed against Trump and was not only ignored but openly laughed at. Other celebrities went on the offensive and were subsequently tuned into hilarious memes belittling them that were shared hundreds of thousands of times. They are losing their minds in ways I've never seen before and I've seen a lot. We are exactly 9-days into Trump's term and the left is apoplectic. The level of insanity rises every morning when they see that Trump posted another tweet. They get doubly incensed when Trump throw a curveball and keeps Obama's EO in place that protects the LGBT community at work.

We've got a long, long four or eight years ahead of us. I'll report the latest tirade, blow up or melt down I find amusing but I've a feeling America may very well finally be irrevocably split. Oh well, it gives a blogger something to write about daily.

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