Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Death of the Mainstream Media

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Here we sit a day after a political earthquake shook the United States of America. Looking back at how this election season played out it struck me that there were some winners and losers. Not the obvious ones like Hillary but others like the establishment Republicans like National Review, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, etc. There will be a flurry of ass kissing in the next few weeks.

There were winners as well such as Sean Hannity (who was over the top but was fair to all GOP candidates), Breitbart (especially Milo), Drudge who proved to be a king maker and others.

But let's look at the real losers and see just how far they have fallen:

The Mainstream Media:

Never in history has the media actively worked directly with a candidate to the best of my knowledge. The media actively worked to get Hillary elected as shown by Wikileaks. Here's some examples:

The so-called Clinton News Network lived down to their name. From the outset they were on the Hillary train and weren't going to stop their relentless pursuit of getting her elected. During the primaries, insurgent socialist Bernie Sanders won the hearts and minds of many young people and the far left wing of the Democratic party. He went from being a joke to being a direct threat to the anointed one. Hillary cultivated them through the years with invites to events and exclusive interviews so she had her allies set to counter anything. The penultimate moment was when Donna Brazile, member of the DNC and CNN contributor gave questions to Hillary she was to be asked at a debate. That was exposed through Wikileaks. When Wikileaks eventually exposed the DNC for colluding to beat Hillary and the evidence came out just prior to the convention, they buried the story or worse yet, when forced to report it said it was the Russians or that they were fraudulent. They helped to disenfranchise a large group of people who entered the political world for the first time.

During the general election they were anti-Trump all the time. From Anderson Cooper fact checking Trump in the debate to the myriad stories they aired about how bad Trump was. It didn't have to be true or even plausible, they ran with it. Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer were biased every night but the real let down was Jake Tapper. He was exposed as a liberal hack and that was disappointing.

Fox News:
Megyn Kelly and Shepherd Smith destroyed themselves repeatedly. Yes, Kelly is still the new face of FNC but Hannity grabbed the ratings. Her spat with Trump was ridiculous but she was bitter about it. Her face when it was clear he was going to win was epic. She was exposed as not just a lightweight but a not very bright lightweight.

FNC hurt the brand with Republicans like me who liked the channel. They went from being fair and balanced to be unfair and unbalanced (news wise and mentally). Yes, Bret Baier distinguished himself and showed what a true pro he is as did Chris Wallace. But in the aggregate, Fox News hurt themselves.

Politico and the Others:
Glenn Thrush is the lead politics guy at Politico. He's worshipped by the DC elites and liberals. He was also exposed by Wikileaks submitting stories for review by Hillary personnel. He actually called himself a "hack" and urged Podesta not to tell anyone. We soon found out there were others doing the same thing.

The overall media took their talking points from the Hillary campaign. Whatever Hillary's people said, they printed--sometimes verbatim as you'd see the exact same line in tweets and articles. If you're going to be a flack the Clinton's at least be semi-original.

The media refused to do there jobs and investigate Clinton. The Wikileaks emails were served to them on a platter but nothing was reported by them. Instead it was sites like Zero Hedge who methodically went through each email. They refused to even bring up Benghazi or investigate the story fully. A sitting ambassador died and Hillary blamed it on a video, which led to a man being wrongly imprisoned. They gave her a pass.

This election was one that should force the media as a whole to do some deep introspection. They will not of course instead blaming it on Wikileaks or some other such bullshit. They will not blame themselves and will wonder why the media is hated more than the Zika Virus.


Star after star shilled for Hillary. From has-beens like Cher to worn out old hags like Madonna who offered a blow job to those who voted for Hillary (and because of it probably lost Clinton the race), the actors came out and supported her. From vulgar ads to ridiculous commercials. They had zero effect on the race. When Hillary has Jay-Z and Beyonce and gets 10,000 while Trump alone draws double that, you knew that the celebrity effect would be nil. Hell, Michael Moore made a documentary slamming Trump that was released two weeks before the election and the only thing heard about was his saying why Trump is liked.

Numerous stars said they would leave America if Trump were elected thinking that would make people vote for Hillary. They voted for Trump just to call their bluff. My favorite was Miley Cyrus whining about Trump and his "grab her by the pussy" comment while there's pictures all over the place of her doing extremely vulgar things. Sorry Hannah Montana, it didn't play even a little.

Springsteen played free shows for Hillary and it had no effect. In fact, many people looked at Springsteen as a complete hypocrite who sings about the blue collar man but then supports the woman who has hurt the blue collar folks the most.

Some in Hollywood had the balls to take a stand such as the South Park guys and Michael Bay who made 13 Hours.

But overall, Hollywood was pummeled in this election. From the cackling harpies on The View to Ellen Degeneres, we saw the absolute worst hackery.

So is this the end of the MSM? Doubtful but I do believe they will have to do some should searching and take a good long look in the mirror. But don't worry, that introspection will be over soon and they'll be back to their old ways starting January 20, 2017.

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