Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Democratic Party Has Not Lived Up To Its Name

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I've been amused on a near daily basis by liberals complaining about the unfairness of their party. The underhanded tricks they instituted to keep outsiders from becoming candidates is just the latest example. Bernie Sanders has run a good campaign; one in which he's built a movement and has brought in people who were not involved in politics until now. Just as Trump has awoken something in the center, Sanders' message is resonating with people who do not identify with their party anymore.

This is nothing new. The Democratic party has been anything but Democratic. We could go all the way back to their inception but instead will focus on the last 50 years or so.

Back in the 1950's and 1960's, the Democrats were split into two groups: the more liberal whites in the northeast and Midwest--generally unionized, middle class and prospering. They had visions of a utopia that was started by FDR and was again being realized in JFK.

In the South you had the Dixiecrats: very white, very racist and unflinching in their goal to stop integration. They used their churches to spread hate and dominated those who disagreed with threats and violence. They were the party of the KKK and they were led by Al Gore, Sr. William Fullbright (Bill Clinton's mentor) and state and local rulers like George Wallace and Bull Connor. No Republican ever stood a shot at victory in the South.

In 1964 and 1965, LBJ (brought in by Kennedy to win the South) proposed legislation to give Blacks rights they should have had according to the Constitution but were denied by the local and state Democrat elected officials. The Dixiecrats mobilized and vehemently fought against both the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act again, led by Al Gore, Sr. and the Dixiecrats. Hell, Robert Byrd was a Kleagle in the KKK and maintained his seat in the Democratic party for decades.

The party controlled all voting until that point and managed to keep the Democratic party very un-democratic.

Fast forward to the last decade or two. In the interim, there was numerous cases of voter fraud perpetrated by the Democrats in cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit all aimed at maintaining their power. Dead people voted like it was the zombie apocalypse and they stole elections repeatedly. But every winner was anointed by the party bosses. The Daley's in Chicago being a prime example and more recently Rahm Emanuel. They wanted no outsiders, only those who were vetted and known to be men and women who would share the spoils.

Democrats cheated in every election they could and the media covered for them because they themselves are part of the Democratic establishment. Going back to Walter Cronkite and others, they constantly pushed the Democratic agenda and usurped authority over what people were told.

They designed their rules to stop outsiders from winning. They created super delegates that are anything but democratic. These are people who are bought off with vacations, dinners and money. They wield more power than elected delegates and they were designed to stop people like Bernie Sanders from winning.

Today we see the planning and conniving paying off for the party bosses. While a lesser attempt was made in the GOP, it was stunningly unsuccessful because supporters of the GOP know how the game is played--hell, it's been played against us for decades. So, when our party tried, we quickly showed them who was boss and they saw where their power comes from--the people.

Not so in the Democratic party. They are not about to give the reins of the party to a self-described socialist from Vermont. They've been actively working to undercut a member of their party whose popularity is enormous to prop up a party stalwart who is anything but popular or even likable. The party hierarchy is actively fighting against the one man who can change the party and if successful, eliminate their livelihood of machine politics that pays lobbyists and union bosses well.

There's going to be a schism and it will tear the party apart. Bernie supporters will not support Hillary in the general after they were robbed of the nomination by her and her cronies. They will not turn out on election day and they will make the convention a living hell to behold. The latest example of this premise is the Nevada convention where the rules of democracy were blatantly tossed aside. Or the words of party leaders like the vile Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

To those who #feelthebern don't feel bad, we've been dealing with this for 50 years. We know all the tricks because they were played on us repeatedly and not a single one of you said anything about it. You can't blame us for savoring the schadenfreude as you suffer at the hands of the very same filth that has been doing it to others forever. Perhaps if you had listened to us instead of blindly following your party, you'd have seen this coming.

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