Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why Hillary Lost

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There will be books about this election and Hillary's with insiders selling their stories and little anecdotes. The people who were in charge will write books covering their asses and blaming it on the candidate and someone will write Hillary's side where she'll blame someone else. It always works that way when Democrats lose. Some will get it right but most will get it way wrong. They will never feel what the Trump voters felt during the campaign so they are not capable of taking a deep look at what fueled what is probably the greatest campaign ever. That may sound like hyperbole but name one other winner who overcame the tsunami and opponents he faced in the primary, the media he not only challenged but beat and the dirty tricks of Hillary's cronies. Add in his own party fighting him and you have one hell of a story.

I'm sure I'll get comment that this is misogynistic but before you waste the pixels know that I truly don't give a fuck what you think so save your energy. If you want the truth, read on.

But why did Hillary lose?

First, the woman in inherently unlikeable. She's fake as hell and that;s easy to see from anyone looking at her objectively. She's almost robotic and insincere. She perpetually has the look of the jilted wife sitting in alimony court (well, she did experience half of that) glaring at her ex. She thought it was endearing to use a southern accent when talking in the south and talk black when addressing African-Americans. She laughed at inappropriate times and came out as a cackle further adding to the aura of bitchiness. And her voice when she spoke; it was like fingernails on a chalk board. No one had any problems believing the stories of how she treated the Secret Service, the Marines who guarded the white house and just about anyone else. She tried to play the every-woman but hadn't driven a car in 27 years. She lied about coming out of the white house broke as she was absconding with the silverware.

Second, she ran a horrible campaign. I don't mean like Mike Dukakis bad, I mean the worst ever. She acted as if it was owed to her and campaigned like it was a coronation. The media assisted in that as well and only added to her cocoon of love she thought the American people had for her. We aren't a monarchy in this great land, you have to earn it and she felt she did through her service to the country.  As a side note, why does anyone believe that getting elected and being hired is service. It's a job and the American people are the bosses but I'll get back to that. She had a campaign chaired by John pedestal who it has come to light--thanks to Wikileaks--is a complete weirdo and scumbag. She had Robbie Mook who was the single worse campaign manager slightly beating out Donna Brazile. The guy looked lost on camera when asked even the simplest of questions and constantly evaded when challenged. In a campaign that saw the other candidate actually answering his critics in real time on Twitter, Hillary's responses were canned and that does not fit in this generation. Their responses to Wikileaks were bad when the first DNC emails were released and they never learned. The steady drip, drip, drip destroyed her. She should've just released everything and been done with it but she lost the momentum. The home brewed server issue was another one where Hillary evaded and never gave the answer clearly enough to get people to stop asking. She never took any responsibility, She mouthed the words but there was never conviction and that came across.

Third, she was killed on social media. Obama won both elections by owning social media. His people were awesome at setting the agenda and keeping his supporters in line. Romney wasn't and it led to his defeat.  Someone asked me when Trump first got in it what i thought and i told them he's like a Facebook comments section come to life. He answered any challenge and gave it back double. The media thought it would hurt him but the people who could be swayed loved it. Hillary on the other hand had surrogates like the vile, Soros-backed Media Matters doing her dirty work on the net. I can't tell you how many trolls they must've hired to comment on any anti-Hillary meme or sentence. It had the exact opposite effect of what they had planned. While Trump had real people out there backing him, fighting for him and debating for him, she had trolls. They were easy to spot, they were the ones who posted something anti-Trump or pro-Hillary and when you clicked on their profile it was an account created November 2, 2016 and had no pictures. The people she called Deplorables and Obama labeled clingers were smart enough to see through that. Trump fans would go to pro-Hillary sites but were actual people who actually debated.

Lastly, she completely underestimated Bernie supporters. When the DNC emails were released right before the convention, Bernie still had clout. Her belief that his support would ensure their support was sorely misguided. They didn't just get mad, they actively worked against her. Perhaps had she elected Bernie as her running mate she could have convinced them to get on board but she not only thought they would jump to her, she didn't even make an effort to placate them. There were many Bernie supporters who hated her more than Trump supporters did and that is saying something. While Trump built a movement, she destroyed one and pissed on the ashes. That equated to easily millions of people who chose the orange businessman with bad hair and mean streak over her or opted to sit this one out

There are a plethora of other reasons she lost: the cheating, Bill, Benghazi (which had a bigger effect than many realize), Kate Steinle, her support for Black Lives Matter over the police and so on.

But quite simply, she ran a horrible campaign. It should be fun to read the inside dirt but the liberals who write the stories will never understand what actually happened in America,

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