Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Tuesday Night News & Notes

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Link dump:

-Here's one about a British POW who asked the Kaiser for permission to see his mother before she passed. The Kaiser said yes but you have to return to the camp afterward...he did.

-Hillary the narcissist. Between her and Obama, I don't know who's more so.

-Pro-gay marriage advocates show they really hate free speech and freedom in general.

-Are the long-term unemployed even employable anymore. Take tech for instance; is someone whose been out of the tech world for 99-weeks come back in and be productive with the pace of advances? It appears not.

-Pakistan has been playing all sides since 9/11. The ISI has been supporting LeT who was responsible for the Mumbai massacre as well as the Haqqani network. They've been taking us for billions and giving us little in return. They knew full well that bin-Laden was within their borders and allowed him refuge for years. The tide may well be turning.

-Jeff Bezos promises some changes at the WaPo. I'm hoping they move from the far-left, Democrat-supporting hacks they currently are to a more centrist brand.

-Have no fear, Dennis Rodman is on the case is NoKo. God help us.

-Alright Eagles fans, we open in less than a week at the comfortable hour of 7:00 PM against the hated Skins. I predict 8-8 with LeShon McCoy having a monster year. Vick will play better since he (hopefully) won't be throwing passes from the horizontal position and Jason Avant may just have a break-out season. Here's to hoping and being a life-long Birds fan means I'm also a hopeless optimist. Here's what we have to look forward to:

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