Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Liberals Have a Fever and the Only Cure is Bombing Syria (and Helping al-Qaeda)

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It felt like a Monday but tomorrow is hump day so it's all good.

Here's what's going on in bizarro world where Democrats become war mongers over suspected weapons of mass destruction after spending the last 13 years berating us for not finding WMD when we know they used. Just a thought, wouldn't it be ironic if the WMD the Democrats are about to go to war over are actually ones transferred by Saddam out of iraq into Syria?

-Debbie Wasserman Schultz says that there are "dozens" of countries allying with us against Syria but can't name them because it's classified. Kind of like the stories virgin nerds tell about "this girl I met at a lake in Canada who really liked me...you wouldn't know her".

-John Kerry and John McCain damn near kissed with full-on tongue today while Kerry was being questioned about Syria. I get they are friends and have a lot in common (like both losing elections they should have won) but to call each other "John" during senate testimony about putting our troops in harms way is just too damn much. It was, frankly, embarrassing but both these men are well passed any sort of shame. I respect McCain for his service and strong will against the Viet Cong but he's off the reservation on so many issues now including playing poker on his I-Phone while testimony was ongoing and comparing Christians saying "thank God" to Muslims saying "Allahu akhbar".

-MSNBC was the worldwide leader in counting down the days until the body count in Iraq hit 3,000. They were elated they could really stick it to that Neocon, cowboy war-loving bastard W. But all of a sudden, MSNBC is making W. sound like Cindy Sheehan.

-Speaking of Sheehan, Medea Benjamin--the head of Code Pink interrupted Sec. Kerry today before his testimony shouting about not going to war in Syria. Kerry remembered his traitorous testimony with regard to Vietnam (video at link). While Benjamin is a fucking loon and doesn't deserve my time, I will give her the props for sticking up for her principles and not acting, like, well, the  NY Times or MSNBC.

-Ace's Top Twenty Wisecracks About John Kerry's and Chuck Hagel's Catastrophic Senate Testimony. My favorite:

16. Shorter Chuck Hagel: This is the first war in ten years that the Jews didn't trick us into so Let's Do This
-And Ace really wins the day with this tweet:

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