Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Wednesday Night News & Notes

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I ran 3.5 miles today. Working my way up to 15 per week and getting in shape to play hoops this winter. I ran 25 days last month so it's now a habit and I felt like I could've gone another mile tonight.

Anyway, here's what's new:

-Obama blatantly lies and says he never set the "red line". Despite the fact that there's tons of video of it, the media will parse it say that no, he didn't say that because they will do anything to protect The One.

-Can Anthony Weiner please just go away? What is up with NY Democrats. Cuomo, Shumer, Spitzer and Weiner are all just plain embarrassing. Yeah, we in NJ have the underage prostitute chasing Menendez but NY'ers take debauchery and downright sleaziness to new levels daily.

-The joy of socialism.

-Matt Drudge is about to part with the Republican party. I'll vote GOP but I am not in line with them on a lot of issues. I'm more of a conservative-libertarian who really wants nothing to to do the Christian wings of the party that is anti-gay anything and generally kill-joys. I'm a South Park Republican.

-The latest whip count on voting for war in Syria via Ace. It is not a done deal. Hopefully Boehner has this blow up in his face and is ousted as soon as possible.

-Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Pirates. 20 years without a winning season ended last night. Here's to them making the playoffs, knocking out the Braves and winning it all. 

-Hang in there y'all, only 5 more days until we open up a can of serious whoop ass on the Skins and RG III. This oughta get you a little psyched:

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