Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Victory For the Constitution

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Every so often we see a political earthquake that changes the landscape for years or even decades. We saw that last week in Colorado.

Angela Giron is not smiling anymore
Sitting Democratic State Senators John Morse and Angela Giron were recalled because of their activities with regard to gun control. Morse seems like he was an all-around a-hole who everyone hated and acted as if he was anointed his seat instead of being an elected representative of the people. According to C. W. Cooke he pretty much irritated everyone from the left, right and center. generally this is a quality that is not conducive to staying ungainfully employed by your state.

But Giron was a different story; she was elected in a district that voted for Obama over Romney by 20%--a blowout in any election. She made the mistake of acting as if her constituents views did not matter when they were not in line with her own. She did the same thing that liberals always do when they are trying to legislate on decisive issues such as abortion or in this case gun control; she shut their voices out...literally. Now on an issue such as drug laws or highway spending, this would have been forgotten quickly and nothing would have come of it. But Giron treated men and women who wanted to discuss her trampling of the US Constitution and wanted to be heard. It turns out, they were heard loud and clear by the voters.

A coalition was formed and some diligent folks got the signatures needed to force a recall election. Money poured in from gun control advocates such s Mayor Michael Bloomberg's misguided organization. The National Rifle Association assisted those on the side of freedom and rights and the fight was on. And it wasn't even close. Giron lost by close to 12%. This in a state that is notoriously liberal on rights such as gay marriage and legalizing weed. The classless Giron, as is to be expected when liberals fail, blamed something that has absolutely nothing to do with her getting ousted.

How monumental was this? this was supposed to be a testing ground for more stringent gun laws in other states that are split ideologically. This occurred in a state that suffered through a recent mass-shooting in a movie theater. This was a slam-dunk if ever there was one in the view of gun-grabbing leftists. Except it wasn't. The governor heard the people loud and clear on this and is living in fear (and denial) right now since the coalition has tasted blood and his head hanging in their proverbial den would be the next logical step.

There's a lesson here for those who run for office and win: don't ignore your constituents when they have a grievance and sure as hell don't mess with their rights. Rural Coloradans are itching to secede and the primary reason is the usurpation of their rights as Americans.

This is a huge victory for 2nd Amendment advocates and advocates of the Constitution in general. politicians who wish to impinge on these freedoms granted us by a power higher then them do so at their own peril. many states are jumping on this band wagon and we will see a revolution sooner rather than later if this continues.

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