Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Night News & Notes

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Ran 4 miles today for the 2nd day in a row. Going for five this weekend.

Anyway, here's what's new:

-Are there any bigger douchebags on the right than David Frum and David Brooks? Guys, get over your egotistic, solipsistic selves and help us win back the White House and senate. Or better yet, take your elitist asses over to Media Matters.

-Last night on liberal TV and media (but I'm redundant) it was all about the AR-15 and banning it because another killer used it. Today when it was revealed that the killer didn't have one but only had a shotgun and two pistols he allegedly took from the security guys he shot it was crickets. As Ace notes, there was indeed an AR-15 there, it was used by the responders in taking out the killer.

-Heritage breaks down the latest long-range CBO report and finds that taxes do not need to be raised...again. Kinda wonkish but worth a read.

-Fox News is changing the lineup. Megyn Kelly goes to 9 and Hannity to few with Greta going to Shep Smith's old spot at 7. Kelly will kill in that spot.

-West Virginia is in play for the GOP.

-Obama waived two key components of a ban on arming terrorists so he can arm the Syrian rebels. If he couldn't keep the guns that he allowed to walk in Fast and furious out of the hands of the cartels, how the hell does he expect to keep the weapons we're sending to Syria our of the hands of al-Qaeda or it's allies?

And in honor of Megyn Kelly moving to prime time, I give you this:

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