Friday, September 13, 2013

How Did We Become Vladimir Putin's Bitch?

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Let's look at presidential history through the years, shall we? First we had Harry Truman who understood full-well how evil communism and by extension the Soviet leadership was. He stood up to them where he could including sending our troops to fight a war against their proxies in Korea.

Dwight Eisenhower checked them where he could and the Soviets knew the old warhorse was not one to be trifled with.

Kennedy stared down Kruschev during the Cuban missile crisis and reinforced the standing of America in the world. When their East German proxies built a wall in Berlin, he flew food in.

Johnson fought communism in Vietnam as did Nixon, however Nixon didn't quite have the balls call them out as often as he should have. He settled for some amorphous thing called "detente".

Ford was a lame duck from the beginning and doesn't count.

But Carter does and he was one who believed all the hype about Soviet power. He gutted the intelligence services thus leaving us blind to the fragility of the Soviet scheme. However, when pressed, he stood up to them for the most part.

Reagan? Well we all know that Reagan knew all along they were a house of cards. He tricked them into spending untold billions they didn't have (SDI comes to mind), backed the Mujahideen against them, gave them the finger at Reykjavik, called on Gorbachev to "tear down this wall" and generally made a nuisance of himself whenever it concerned issues Soviet.

George H. W. Bush cheered on Lech Walesa when he rose up in Gdansk, celebrated when the wall came down in Berlin and watched with glee as satellite after satellite broke away and the USSR was reduced to the CIS and then just Russia.

Clinton had it kind of easy trying to usher the new Russia into the democratic and capitalistic world. He didn't back down often.

George W. Bush tried to get friendly with Putin and his butt-buddy Medvedev and generally checked Russians power.

But now we have Nobel Peace Prize winner and the Smartest Guy to Ever Become President in office. He of the mis-translated "reset" button and off the record comments about appeasing Putin when he got in his second term dutifully "transmitted" to Vlad by Medvedev. Obama was the man who was going to change the world just by the force of his sparkling intellect and personality. Except for a few things; he was a community organizer in Chicago (and based on the sad state of that city did a pretty fucking shitty job of it), a state senator who voted present a lot, a senator who took a stand on excatly nothing (or anything he now believes) and has completely fucked up our entire foreign policy (with help from Hillary and Kerry).

His latest foreign policy foray has to do with chemical weapons supposedly dropped by Bashar Assad on his own people but there's no definitive proof. Obama went right to the bomb them from long distance card (learned from the master; Slick Willy). But Congress didn't agree and the world didn;t agree and the American people sure as hell didn;t agree. So Obama joined up with...France. The Bestest President For Ever & Ever couldn't even cobble together a coalition that included Nicaragua and Burkina Faso.

So his great foreign policy led us to the point where bombing were threatened including threats of the genius 'constitutional law professor" plowing ahead without congressional approval. But an off-the-cuff remark by that other liberal genius John Kerry was pounced on by the Russians and now they've not only marginalized Obama but have taken over the role of strong nation in the Middle East. Hell, we are at the point that Putin had an open letter to the American people published in the NY Times (about time a fucking Soviet actually got to put their name on the byline instead of having to use pseudonyms). Putin belittled Obama and called out American exceptionalism. In other words, Putin made Obama and by extension all of the US his bitch.

I don't like being Putin's bitch. I like beating Putin at spycraft and watching as his navy rusts on the shoreline. Instead he's gained back a good amount of power Russia lost when the Soviet Union was swept into the dustbin of history. All because Obama is soft and is hell-bent on making America in the glowing image of 1970's France.

Watch this video of Obama when he thinks he's not on mic. What message do you really think Medvedev "transmitted" to Putin? I'm guessing it's something akin to "damn comrade, if this guy was around in the 80's instead of Reagan, we'd still be the Soviet Union and own half of eastern Europe still.

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