Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Half the Country Says Thanks to the Other Half For Screwing Us All

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Sorry, been silent awhile because I just couldn't stomach writing about the mess that occurred in early November when Obama won reelection. Well that and the fact that my factory got the shit kicked out of it by Sandy and I been working a lot of trying to put it back together.

So here are my thoughts on the various issues regarding the election:

Why Obama Won:
We've become what liberals have been hoping for for decades; a nation that wants shit for free. The recession hit, unemployment was extended to 99 weeks, lazy people realized after two years how to live off the government teat and they don't want to go back to the grind. In essence, they love free shit and voted for the dude who would give them more. They couldn't care less that it's me, you and every other hard working person paying for it. It's an alien mindset to me but I see people like this all the time; they work for a few weeks (usually poorly and only long enough to get unemployment benefits again), work an angle to get laid off or fake an injury and then sit home and watch Jerry Springer. The former Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is now the land of the moocher and home of the taker.

Why Romney Lost:
Dude is plastic. Dude is rich. Dude is a Mormon. Dude doesn't sound sincere. Dude is to moderate. Dude never won over conservatives. Dude said he would rein in spending and the moochers mentioned above hate that. Dude scared the hell out of women.

What It Means: 
Short answer: we, our military, Israel, your bank account and your savings are all fucked for the short term. Obama is taking it as a mandate and he doesn't have to answer to anyone now. Best case: we have a 2014 that mirrored 2010 and put some more of a check on him. Worst case: One or more of the conservatives on the Supreme Court retire, the Dems win the House in '14 and this asshole goes all psycho communist for the duration of his term. Think I'm joking about the communist crack? The house organ for the former Soviet communist party even says we're complete idiots for reelecting this fucking moron and calls Obama a "communist".

What You Can Do:
Write your congressman. Write your newspaper. Enlighten people (if some mindless Obama voter suddenly wonders why they are suddenly $3,000 lighter in the wallet, explain that he needs to pay for all the stuff you reelected him to do...and then flatten their tires or bust their fucking tail light---I kid).

American isn't gone...yet. I would like to say those who reelected Obama are fellow Americans but they aren't, they are "progressives" and liberals first and Americans second. They care only about ideology and moving ever forward in that direction.

These are dark times but so were the late 1970's and we got Reagan out of that. Hang tough my friends.

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