Monday, December 03, 2012

Walk Up to the Fiscal Cliff, Check the Wind and Swan Dive Off Of That Sonofabitch

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You want it Obama, you got it. The GOP should just play this this way:

Call his bluff. See if he has the balls to actually raise taxes on everyone in the country during a recession. Use the money left over from the election and buy air time on every major network and say that we don't want any one's taxes raised. Play Obama saying that raising taxes during a recession is a bad idea. Let him leap over the cliff like he wants and generate all that revenue he wants.

Think about it; the average American has lived through hell the last four years. now Obama will, out of pure spite, allow an additional $3,000 to be tacked on to their tax bill. The economy will plummet into recession and people will have to start paying attention.

Yes there's risk but every decision involves risk. The media will spin it as the GOP's fault and we may lose the mid-terms in two years but so what? Obama will own it like he never has.

The last time we had this bad of a situation, we got 20-years of a gang-busting economy that followed. And yes, i am including Clinton's two terms because he famously said "the era of big government is over" and we rocketed through his second term. We did have a slight downturn during Bush 41 but that was because Bush played it by Democrat rules.

Have some friggin balls Boehner, tell Obama no, not this time. We will not vote for tax increases for anyone. If you want to destroy the military, healthcare, the economy for a generation and everything else that makes America great, have at it. Ram it down his throat and make him make the term liberal or progressive toxic again.

It's time to relegate Keynesian theories and progressive tactics to the dustbin of history.

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