Monday, November 05, 2012

An Open Letter to Independents and Moderate Democrats

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To my fellow Americans who still believe that America is the greatest nation ever created on Earth: You may call yourself an Independent or a Reagan Republican or anything but a liberal, let me try to sway you.

Let's look at the what may make you vote one way or the other--what are the issues that matter and let me try to persuade you to rethink your vote for Obama.

Gay Marriage: You may be one who believes that a man and a man should be able to get married or at least have a legal civil union. Romney does not believe that on religious grounds. But Obama did not believe that until it became politically expedient for him to do so. The media spun it as "evolving" but Obama is a political animal and he thought it would give him an edge (even the ultra far left Nation didn't believe this BS). So think about it, do you really want to vote for a guy who changed his core belief simply to gain political points or a guy who sticks to his beliefs?

Foreign Policy: The Obama camp has spiked the ball so many times over killing bin-Laden that it's completely out of air. Really, tell me any president who wouldn't have made the call to go after the man who killed 3,000 Americans. That wasn't a difficult decision to make--yes, it could have backfired if it didn't work or the SEAL's failed but it didn't and Obama is hailed as some tough guy who makes tough decisions. I'm sorry but a tough decision would have been sending in the SEAL's to rescue an ambassador and two SEAL's who fought for 8-hours defending the ambassador's life.

Abortion: If this is the sole issue you vote on then you have to rethink your priorities. "Reproductive rights" are not an issue in this election. Believe me, if Mitt Romney were elected, Abortion would be far down the list after the economy, jobs, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, the global war on terror, the deficit, the debt, the failing manufacturing sector, etc. It's the law of the land and will continue to be so. Liberals and some Democrats think evangelical christian run the party, that's so wrong as to be ridiculous. Evangelicals have as much say over the GOP as African-Americans and Jews do over Democrats. Yes, they are pandered to during elections but largely forgotten when implementing actual policy.

Spending: Yes, I know the GOP was not really good for the nation's pocketbook when they held the purse strings but Obama is worse by a factor of ten. We cannot keep spending, it's not sustainable. Programs like Social Security and Medicare will cease to exist if they are not overhauled and some tough decisions are made. Obama has stolen $700-billion from Medicare to make Obamacare "revenue neutral' but it's all smoke and mirrors.

Healthcare: Anyone who has actually taken the time to study Obamacare knows there's no way all the happy promises Obama made can really be true. The cost is exorbitant and the quality of care will deteriorate to the point we will have two tiers: those who are forced into Obamacare and those who pay for their own, better care. This is a multi-trillion dollar boondoggle and is destined to be the biggest governmental failure ever.

Jobs: Here we sit at 7.9% unemployment (of course the real number is much higher but smoke and mirrors, etc) and a federal bureaucracy that stifles expansion and growth. Real wages are plummeting and a great many people are now working at jobs much below what they were trained for. We will have an entire generation of young people who are four years late in joining their chosen field of work.

I could go on but you get the picture. What's the most important thing to you and your family? Can we really afford another four years like the four we just suffered through? That's the real question you answer when you select one candidate or the other.

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