Thursday, October 11, 2012

Which Joe Are We Gonna See?

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I don't have the faintest clue how to even predict this debate. I mean, we know Ryan will be on his game, the dude has mastered the facts unlike anyone else and knows policy inside and out.

No my friends, the real wildcard here is Joe Biden. He won't be saved by something the media can glom on to like Sarah Palin winking or other such garbage. Old Joe will have to actually perform well and he's got the campaign riding on his shoulders after the Obama meltdown last week.

So what Joe will we see? Perhaps the folksy Joe who's everyones friend? Probably not since that Joe always says something incredibly stupid. How about foreign policy Joe? Possibly since Ryan is smarter and will pummel him on all issues, especially since Obama's in the midst of a self-inflicted wound that has lasted a month today with the embassy debacle in Libya.

I'm really not sure but I'm guessing even if Joe makes about ten mistakes and Ryan destroys him and leaves him slobbering in the corner, the media will call it a draw at least because they know full-well that Obama's campaign can't survive another disaster.

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